2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

108 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20774 A Dental Facility of the Year – Lazio When it comes to tooth care, patients of the Dental Facility of the Year – Lazio award are in good hands. GiuseppeMarano has crafted a dental practice that caters to the needs and wishes of all patients, with a special focus on reducing anxiety tomake each appointment stress free. Cleverly investing inmachinery to help achieve this specific goal has helped to put his dental facility on the map. Giuseppe Marano runs an incredibly successful and authentic dental facility in Rome, the capital town of Italy, that strives to take the fear out of dentistry. Stereotypically, the dentist is one thing that still strikes fear into adults and children alike across the globe, but with the right care, Dr Marano’s customers are put at ease. “I’ve created the so-called ‘plume protocol” Dr Marano explained. “It’s for taking care of people that are scared of the dentist. From the first consultation, patients are welcomed as they would be in a spa. My practice is fully digitised, from x-rays to the dental impressions that I take with an intraoral scanner. In my office, I use nitrous oxide sedation to help patients fully relax. Not only with children, but adults too. Thanks to my experience, I can remove wisdom teeth without pain and in just a few minutes.” The intraoral scanner that Dr Marano employs, the iTero Element 5D Intraoral Scanner, is great for showing patients quickly and painlessly any issues they have with their teeth. For example, it is easy to detect the smallest carious lesions between teeth, without using x-rays. Using special software, customers can be shown a digital readout right then and there. Dr Marano then uses this to talk through an eventual solution to the patient’s problems while they are still in the chair. By being transparent and open with the problems, issues, solutions and consequences, patients understand what is happening and so feel empowered. Furthermore, the process saves patients having to wait around for analysis, reducing wait times and putting their minds at ease immediately. Nitrous oxide, or ‘laughing gas’, is a sedative that is administered through a facemask, mixed with oxygen and breathed in normally. It is very effective at putting people at ease and reducing anxiety. This is especially helpful in dental practices where people’s anxiety tends to rise, which can cause issues or, in extreme cases, interfere with procedures. Dr Marano uses nitrous oxide to full effect to make his patients as comfortable as possible, making their procedures quicker while reducing pain. “All my clinical staff is able to use the sedation machine, so that even the scaling can be performed by Flavia, the dental hygienist that cooperates with my clinic, with no pain”. “All these tools as allowed me to get hundreds of reviews, so that my practice is rated with 5 stars both on Google and Facebook” Dr Marano added. “After the lockdown,” Dr Marano said, “many dental clinics in Italy were forced to close as they were unable to comply with anti-Covid regulations. In my clinic, we have always been very prepared to deal with viruses, such as HIV and hepatitis. We were therefore ready for the challenges that this year has thrown at us. Since December 2019 we were ready to purchase sufficient quantities of personal protective equipment aimed at safeguarding the health of operators, nurses and patients, thus minimising the risk of cross-infections. The clinic was then equipped with an ozone air disinfection system.” Dr Marano heavily invests back into his clinic. He aims to develop the clinic in order to serve his customers as well as possible. He started with the sedation machine, then a CBCT machine, and finally the intraoral scanner. Dr Marano’s expertise extends beyond his own practice. He is influential across the world. “As I’m an Invisalign and iTero global speaker, I’ve been included in many research teams, allowing me to test the new features that they are going to launch. It means that in the future, I’ll be able to deliver aligners to my patients in a few days.” For anyone who is afraid or anxious when it comes to the dentist, Dr Giuseppe Marano is the person to see. With a high-tech facility that is catered towards putting people at ease and a globally influential dentist to look after them, it really is a standout facility. Contact Details: Contact: Giuseppe Marano Company: Giuseppe Marano Odontoiatra Website: www.giuseppemarano.it

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