2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 109 , Aug20558 Best International Independent Audiology Clinic 2020 Based in Oadby, Leicestershire, The Hear Clinic is a truly outstanding practice that helps those having auditory problems or simply want some clarity around their own capability to hear things. Hearing things is one of life’s greatest joys, and granting his patients the ability to experience hearing things as they should be heard. Discover more about this private practice as we profile the work that has seen it achieve success in this years’ Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards fromGlobal Health and PharmaMagazine. Founded in 2013, The Hear Clinic is a private audiology practice that is run by the exceptional Mr Neel Raithatha. As a consultant audiologist, Mr Raithatha specialises in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients that are suffering from hearing loss and balance disorders. In addition to his work with these particular patients, Mr Raithatha and his team at The Hear Clinic also specialises in the extraction and removal of impacted earwax, foreign bodies, infected discharge, and debris from the ear canal. The main focus of The Hear Clinic is to provide and deliver the absolute highest quality professional hearing and auditory care. Mr Raithatha ensures that this is achieved by combining the latest state-of-the-art audiological equipment and technology with the most advanced clinical skills and expertise. Crucially, Mr Raithatha understands that hearing issues and impairments can affect people of any age and background, which is why his clinic serves patients that range form young babies to elderly individuals. What makes The Hear Clinic unique within the world of audiological care is Mr Raithatha himself, as a world-renowned cerumenologist. He is also a UK pioneer and developer of the iCLEARscope wireless endoscope, which can be used to visualise the inside of the ear whilst removing earwax. As if that were not enough, Mr Raithatha is also the co-founder Clearwax, which provides international training in how to perform endoscopic ear wax removal. Endoscopic ear wax removal provides and unparalleled views of the ear canals and eardrum, which can significantly increase client comfort whilst also reducing the time taken to perform the entirety of the procedure itself. Both of these things are areas in which Mr Raithatha specialises, and makes The Hear Clinic a uniquely private practice for discerning clients. Many audiology and hearing clinic practices around the United Kingdom and the wider world have significantly reduced and slashed their prices for both hearing aids and ear wax removal due to how competitive the market has become. Mr Raithatha and his team at The Hear Clinic have not reduced their prices, knowing that they provide a service that is second to none. Prior to COVID-19, Mr Raithatha’s reputation preceded him, and he saw many clients from around the United Kingdom and the wider world. Such is the reputation of The Hear Clinic that Mr Raithatha remains in advanced talks with television executives about possibly having his own show, called “The Wax Whisperer”, which would be similar in style to shows such as “Dr Pimple Popper”. As an outstanding consultant audiologist, Mr Raithatha is in high demand as well as the services of The Hear Clinic. He has featured on many media outlets over the last several years, and has had ample opportunity to promote the professional work of audiologists and the importance of proper ear car. The list of appearances includes some famous shows, such as the Emmy award- winning ‘The Doctors’ in America, Fox News, New York Post, Men’s Health, Daily Mail, and various local radio interviews on BBC Radio Leicester, and BBC West Midlands. With a YouTube channel collection that has amassed more than 150 million views, Mr Raithatha is well and truly getting his message out there for all to hear. Ultimately, the work of The Hear Clinic is truly astounding, and keeps people able to enjoy the things that we often take for granted, such as the ability to hear clearly. Mr Raithatha and his team are always keen to keep up to speed with the latest technological advancements and evidence-based clinical practices. Armed with these, the future of The Hear Clinic remains bright indeed. Contact Details: Company: The Hear Clinic Ltd Contact: Mr Neel Raithatha Website: https://thehearclinic.co.uk/

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