2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

114 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20402 Best Transformational Healthcare Coaching Company - South Africa & Award for Excellence in Human Performance Revolution Introducing the Human Performance Revolution – a new paradigm in human development. Everything in our lives can be taken to the exponential with time and effort, however we won’t discover it if we don’t try. One company focused on personal and business transformation and the Human Performance Revolution is the Ravenall Institute – a private company comprising of a number of brands focused aroundmaximising human performance and health. The Human Performance Replicator, The National Centre of Complimentary & BehaviourMedicine, Suzanne Ravenall & The Effectiveness Company. All focussed around transformation in a unique way. We take a closer look at this award-winning transformational healthcare coaching company, and why they were presented with the Award for Excellence inHuman Performance Revolution in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards. Since their inception, the Ravenall Institute have kept the same vision for their company, which has been to empower both individuals and organisations to take a vertical leap, grow, transform & live the best & most successful, healthy, extraordinary conscious version of themselves. With the world constantly developing, the Ravenall Institute work tirelessly to remain at the forefront of change. As mentioned earlier, everything in life can be taken to the exponential with time and effort and you won’t discover it if you don’t try it. The team at Ravenall Institute think exponentially and are pushing the boundaries all the time to help empower people to unleash their innate abilities. They think collaboration as opposed to compete. This unique service the firm provides enables them to stand out from other companies in the health sector who are seeking to change the way that clients are treated in a more holistic sense. At the Ravenall Institute, they hope to continue to collaborate and work with as many of these companies as possible towards the overall goals. One of the brands within the Ravenall Institute is in the outsourcing space,. Working with outsourcing companies directly can be challenging. Only too often there are failing relationships where the the truth remains unspoken, the outsourcing company is trying to understand the challenge, or vice versa, both client and outsource company are frustrated and become untrusting. With a vendor neutral approach the best of all worlds are provided, the result…., less hassles, transparent information, the best possible prices and focussed human delivery. Another brand is the Human Performance Replicator - a unique approach which replicates top human or super human performance at pace. Going into further detail, Ravenall Institute’s Suzanne Ravenall highlights the benefits of taking this extraordinary approach. “We utilize cutting edge techniques and given the current challenges we face in the world, this approach replicates the performance of people at the top of their game, at rapid speeds, helping organisations lift performance or cross skill quickly, we are excited about this area of transformation and really hope to add value in as many areas as possible”. At the National Centre of complimentary and behaviour medicine, another brand in the group, The Ravenall Institute, approaches collaborative health care in a new way, looking at all dimensions, mental, emotional and physical and plotting out the most appropriate treatment plan all without leaving the comfort of your own home. As for what the future holds, the team at the Ravenall Institute are firm believers that you there are no glass balls to predict the future, however, you can create it. As such, the team are positive about to the direction the company is moving in”. Passionate about people, performance, their lives and their health is what drives the Ravenall Institute every day. Looking ahead, the Ravenall Institute team intend on keeping this at the forefront of their focus and hope to touch millions with their award-winning services. Contact Details: Contact: Suzanne Ravenall Email: [email protected] Company: Ravenall Institute Pty Ltd Web Address: www.ravenallinstitute.com

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