2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 115 , Sep201155 Best Dental Clinic Chain - Bulgaria Believing that a smile can do wonders, EODent is the biggest dental clinic chain in Bulgaria and is an accredited university base for dentists who are specializing. Since being first opened back in June 2002, EODent offers complex diagnostics and the most advanced treatment in all areas of dental implantology, surgery, aesthetics, endodontics, periodontology, children’s dental medicine, orthodontics, prophylaxis, and prevention. Find out more about this nationally- renowned dental clinic chain, and why it is so outstandingly good. At every EO Dent clinic, everybody strives for success through professional development and investments in innovation to ensure that the best possible dental care is given at all times. A brilliant dental clinic, EO Dent always channels its efforts towards offering the best care and treatment, security, and building genuine relationships that are characterized by trust and friendship. The dental specialists and professionals that make up the team at EO Dent understand that the job is creative in its own way, and characterized by responsibility to take care of a patient’s oral hygiene and health. EO Dent also always implements the newest technologies, materials, and technical equipment so that it can offer the most advanced and contemporary dental procedures. In fact, such is the forward- thinking nature of the firm, that the Bulgarian-German implantology and surgery dental clinic is the first officially-certified as sterile form MELAG, Germany. This certificate guarantees that the EO Dent clinic matches all requirements for the highest level of instrument sterilization and infection control. United by a common cause, every member of staff works hard to treat patients whilst giving them a smile they can be proud of. Outside of the clinic, the EO Dent team has accomplished a number of social projects. The first of these was developed and affirmed in-house, and is called “A Chance for Equal High-Quality Life and Smiles For Everyone”, which include two primary goals, or subprojects. Both of these subprojects are aimed at families, with the fist being aimed at the treatment of children and adults with disabilities, and the second being focused on delivering a life of higher quality for the parents. Together, these projects have been giving equal opportunities to many people with disabilities over the past eleven years. For the treatment of children and adults with disabilities, EO Dent opened up a one-of-a- kind children’s dental clinic that would be focused on offering treatments to children with special needs such as autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, and other difficulties. The clinic is equipped with a sensory office with luminous devices and glass luminous bundles which, in combination with sound, music, and fragrances, is perfect for making patients feel calm and secure enough to overcome fear. EO Dent offers treatment to children with disabilities under eighteen years of age in the surgical office with the most advanced equipment. It can be proud to offer this, whilst also organizing children celebrations, opening doors for prevention, and hosting beneficial healthcare talks. EO Dent does not stop there however, and continues to go further in serving patients and children with disabilities. For the first time in Bulgaria, unique dental chairs looking like fairy heroes were constructed specifically for EO Dent. These were placed in specialized children offices where one can also find playgrounds. In the waiting room, there are also educational and children’s movies that play, as well as playthings that the children can use whilst getting used to their new environment. Through educational film and play, both children and their parents are motivated to take care of their oral health. Purely for the professionals, there are conference halls where EO Dent offers specialized courses that are conducted by leading specialists in the areas of implantology, dental aesthetics, laser treatment, endodontics, children’s dental medicine, and various other presentations about dental medicine. That way, the skills and knowledge of the entire team is kept up to date with the most advanced techniques and technologies. Ultimately, the greatest reward for EO Dent is the shine in the eyes of the patients and the smiles on their faces. Being proud of a smile is a wonderful thing, and the excellence of the work done by EO Dent really cannot be overstated. It is a clinic of the highest quality, doing everything it can to best serve every single patient, regardless of who they may be. The nation of Bulgaria can be proud to have such an outstanding dental clinic that goes above and beyond in its dedication to helping people have a smile they can be proud of. Contact Details: Company: EO Dent Dental Clinic Website: http://eo-dent.com/ Email: [email protected]

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