2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

116 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20021 Best Adaptive Clothing Company 2020 Dealing with the daily challenge of caring for loved ones that are afflicted by Alzheimer’s is a horrible thing for anybody to have to go through, but it served as the foundation for one of the best adaptive clothing companies in 2020. Ovidis’ story beganwith that exact scenario, and brought together the right people in a bid to simplify caregiver-assisted dressing by offering stylish adaptive clothing that is made of soft and resilient fabrics that are very easy to care for. Discover more about the firmas we take a closer look. Designed to make anyone who wears them feel great and comfortable day and night, Ovidis Adaptive Wear is amongst the finest adaptive clothing that the caregiving industry has seen in modern history. Clothes often make us feel normal, and we choose what to wear based on the way that we feel. Helping those living with Alzheimer’s retain something of themselves can be done through the clothes they choose to wear. At Ovidis, the clothes that the company delivers also make it easier to dress for people with physical or cognitive difficulties. In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, these individuals are particularly affected and require the absolute best in care. It is therefore more important than ever that these individuals, as well as those living all manner of physical and cognitive difficulties have the right clothing for their own personal needs. That is where Ovidis comes into the picture, offering innovative designs for easy and stress-free caregiver assisted dressing, especially designed for those individuals that face mobility, sensory, or cognitive challenges when getting dressed. Adopted by patients, ageing seniors, caregivers, family members, and healthcare professionals from all walks of life, these clothes provide assistance to individuals who find getting dressed to be a challenge. As has already been mentioned, caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s was the primary motive for Ovidis being formed. The most challenging part of the day was trying to deal with the emotions; the constant frustration, humiliation, and sadness that loved ones can express at being unable to handle mundane tasks, such as getting dressed. Instead of taking it as it was, the team worked to find a solution. The solution for dressing meant compromising stylish fashions in favour of basic utility. However, living with a disability or with a limited range of mobility should not mean that a person has to settle for second best. Ovidis’ team realized that getting dressed in the right clothing would often have a transformative impact on mood, which can be an essential tool in the fight to maintain good mental health and self-esteem. The clothes that people wear every single day often affects how other people perceive them, and how the people feel about themselves. So, Ovidis set about creating a line of adaptive clothing that would enable loved ones dealing with increasing disability to wear comfortable and curated styles that made them feel dignified. Every individual, family, caregiver, or healthcare professional should know that there are a multitude of options out there that exist to help deliver a positive and painless experience for patients and family members that require assistance getting dressed. It is an action that can often be taken for granted by those who have never had to help someone get dressed, or experienced a lack of mobility themselves, but it is a real problems for many people struggling with physical or cognitive challenges. The notion of dressing with dignity and enhancing the confidence of every single person is at the epicentre of what makes Ovidis such an exceptional and outstanding business. Contact Details: Company: Ovidis Adaptive Wear Contact: Cristina Rizzuto Website: https://ovidis.com/

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