2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 117 , Sep20686 Safest Hot Water Pouring Solution 2020: Uccello Kettle Growing old can often come with physical andmobility issues that prevent the individual fromdoingmany of the things that everyone else takes for granted, such as pouring hot water froma kettle. It was this scenario precisely that prompted the teamat Uccello Designs to create innovative products that help elderly individuals, or those living withmobility challenges, live life as normally as they can. We profile the firm to learnmore about what innovative products it has offered to its clients all over the world. Uccello Designs was primarily set up to achieve a singular mission: make people’s lives easier by designing and manufacturing stylish and innovative assistive products. Today, the firm helps individuals that are identified as having limited strength, mobility, or dexterity, whether it be through their age or a disability that has affected their physical capabilities. One of the core products that is currently offered by Uccello Designs is aimed at preventing incidents involving hot water, and it makes the firm stand out in a myriad of other manufacturers. Alongside this, Uccello Designs is currently partnering with Third Level Institutions in Ireland and Australia, where it is developing an understanding of the key user needs and underlying functional and usability requirements of its customers. Armed with this information, Uccello Designs can develop and validate design-led products to meet the needs of people living with all manner of physical challenges, and these key user insights are being used in the design of a suite of counter-top kitchen products. As has already been mentioned, Uccello Designs has developed an outstanding solution for those living with limited mobility who need to pour hot liquid. The award-winning result is the Uccello Kettle. Unlike other kettles and kettle-tippers, the circular shape of the Uccello Kettle boasts a rotating cradle that moves around the body of water to create a smooth and effortless pour. What this also means is that the user does not have to try and lift, balance, or strain when pouring their hot drinks any longer. For elderly individuals who still like to enjoy their cup of tea, this is a game-changer. However, whilst the product is certainly market-leading, and a stylish innovation at that, it is the outstanding dedication to customer service from Uccello that is truly unrivalled. Taking care of the customers is imperative for Uccello, especially given the fact that they can sometimes be physically impaired or weakened for whatever reason. In practice, this means that Uccello Designs offers an unmatched guarantee for all replacements, parts, and spares that can be delivered to the user’s home, at no cost to themselves. Whilst there are a great many things that the firm does exceptionally well, it does encounter challenges like any other firm also. Physical brick-and-mortar stores in the DME sector have an antiquated marketing and sales methodology, which can unfortunately put it about five years behind most other general retail stores. This is limited the customer’s shopping experience, and also the growth opportunities for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. Nevertheless, Uccello Designs continues to do its best in taking care of customers. Looking to the future, the firm will continue to grow its presence in the European Union by innovation and introducing additional products which will focus solely on specific need groups. Innovation for Uccello Designs does not end with products, as it constantly looks at ways to create value with everyone, including both suppliers and customers alike. The firm will increase its allocation of resources to its Social Impact accountability, which is designed to assist in the solving of global problems, partnering with established philanthropists and NGOs worldwide. This will reflect the personality of the business, and further the cause of positively impacting as many people as possible. Since it was first formed, Uccello Designs has had a direct and positive impact on almost three hundred thousand people to date. The products that it manufactures, including the Uccello Kettle, help to restore independence in the kitchen for so many people. When life grows old, independence is something that people want to hold on to, and Uccello Designs can give them that. There can be no firm more deserving of success than this one. Contact Details: Company: Uccello Designs Contact: Kellie Anne Molloy Website: https://www.uccellodesigns.co.uk/

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