2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

12 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20325 Best Pharmaceutical Laboratory Design/Build Company - South America The pharmaceutical industry is constantly expanding, but this growth is not only driven by the exciting innovations within laboratories, but the way inwhich laboratories are designed in and of themselves. With the idea of what state-of-the-art is constantly changing, we take a look at LAB Sud, an inspiring team fromUruguay, to see just how they’ve been able to achieve such astonishing standards of success in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020. Curiosity is what keeps science moving forward. Without it, there would be no questions to ask, no norms to query and no way for society to move forward. In the pharmaceutical industry, curiosity is vital to success. It demands that creative professionals forge their own paths into the unknown. When clients turn to LAB Sud for a laboratory setting, they get curiosity as standard. It’s woven into the fabric of the building. The firm is built on a passion for innovative design that adds value and technological complexity to every project. These projects vary considerably, with the team providing solutions related to areas such as life sciences, research centers, production plants, quality control centers, hospitals, GMP laboratories and facilities for pharma and medical cannabis. Over the last five years, the team from LAB Sud has gone from strength to strength, advising local and foreign companies from all over America, including Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Brazil, as well as the USA, Canada and Australia. The team’s internal processes are based on a closed and direct relationship between their ideas and projects, as well as with the people who nurture them. This has produced exceptional results that have helped many pharma and health laboratories, research centers and medical cannabis laboratories around the world. The success of LAB Sud is a credit to the team who design and develop the various projects the team undertakes. Many businesses turn to formal procedures, but at LAB Sud, the aim is to embrace the potential of freethinking. While development follows a familiar process, it has no barriers at any stage. While there is a guide to refer to, it is not the mold by which every project is completed. The profile of the firm, therefore, has been guided by this carefully curated approach. Creativity, innovation and science lead on every project. Some companies focus entirely on these matters, but what sets LAB Sud apart is the team’s considerable soft skills and commitment to multiple intelligences. This means that they can empathize better in every project, working carefully to implement the necessary steps to succeed at every challenge. Working creatively in this manner is not an easy task. It involves operating outside of everyone’s comfort zone, embracing the potential of being wrong. The team has cultivated an atmosphere where they are not afraid if they make mistakes or are wrong. It is simply a part of life. For LAB Sud, the investigation and exploration of ideas and original processes are a precept in the search towards improvement. There is no just one single path of success, and any process can be done differently or better. Having constructed an atmosphere where creative, inspiring people can thrive, the firm puts everyone together so that every voice can be heard with clarity. This open-minded approach is how the team are able to deliver high performance designs to their clients. Instead of the dream of an enlightened designer, a communicative and collaborative team leads the way at LAB Sud. 2020 has been a strange year for many companies, but the team at LAB Sud have seen their efforts culminate in approval for their latest project. It is a Medical Cannabis Drying Plant, currently the largest plant of this type in the world. Located in the north of Uruguay, the project covers a 90 hectare suburban farm, with a 5.000m2 GMP laboratory. As such a large-scale project, it was Lead Architect Juan Andrés Marín

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