2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Private Healthcare Awards 13 g LAB Sud inaugurated by the Uruguayan President, Dr. Luis Lacalle Pou, together with Government authorities and Canadian company Boreal Agrominerals. In many ways, this project has demonstrated clearly how the way in which LAB Sud works is incredibly beneficial to projects of this size. Over a hundred technicians were brought together from a variety of different disciplines to research and design a cannabis drying complex that went above and beyond anything that had been done before. The result is a building that represents a new stage in terms of scale, process and production. As a small country, Uruguay has had to make special efforts to ensure that their companies champion sustainable and highly efficient work ecosystems. It’s the only way for the country to ensure that it is able to compete at an international level. One of the major challenges that the team faces is that of old-fashioned methods and ideas still working their way through pharma and health businesses. At LAB Sud, the team think of their projects in four dimensions, namely the traditional three and time. By considering the lifespan of the team’s designs, they are able to work more strategically than their competitors. Validity in the long-term pays dividends in the future. This forward thinking approach is just another way in which LAB Sud has earned the title of best Pharmaceutical Laboratory Design/ Build Company in South America. They are always prepared for the opportunities that might arise, either through the discussions that take place or the development of new technologies. An example of new discussion brought about by new technologies has been the ability to conduct virtual revisions to a project through VR walkabouts or to produce prototypes within a 3D printer. The ability not only to explore a project, but to visualise it effectively has been key to the team achieving success. The impact of COVID-19 on the work that the team undertakes has been significant. Obviously, the way the world traditionally works is being reshaped, but this also presents a huge opportunity for teaching new ways of thinking and revising old methods. The fundamental thinking of the firm has already been in the direction of the new, so the global crisis is not something that has thrown the business wildly. In all, LAB Sud offers something a little different from the norm. Many firms provide a clear path to success, but what LAB Sud provides is a great net of ideas. These ideas are interconnected, flowing and linking effortlessly together. Such a dynamic force means that their work is a constantly evolving process, able to adapt easily to changing tides that would wash other ideas away. In these turbulent times, the resilience and adaptability of a firm like LAB Sud is something to be commended. Company: LAB Sud Contact: Lic. Florencia Marín – Director of International Projects Web Address: www.lab-sud.com

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