2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

14 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Aug20642 Best Holistic Mental Health &Wellness Platform – USA & MostDedicatedTraumatologist &Clinical Sexologist (Florida): Patsy Evans Situated in Tampa, Florida, HarmonyUS, Inc. is a sex positive organisation and safe space that welcomes those living an alternative lifestyle and in the LGBTQIA Community. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020, we touched base with Dr. Patsy Evans to find out more. Through therapy, coaching and counselling, HarmonyUS, Inc. provides a warm and supportive environment for mental health treatment. To start, Patsy provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “At HarmonyUS, our team of licensed professionals focus on working with people going through life transitions and facing challenging circumstances, such as depression, abuse, trauma, PTSD, addiction, disruptive relationships (personal & business), separation, divorce, grief and stress. Typically, some of our services include clinical sexology and sex therapy, counselling, and psychotherapy, coaching and mentorship as well as acupuncture and oriental medicine. Although our practice is boutique in nature, our treatment model emphasises the importance of a supportive system. Thus, we prefer to work with the entire family infrastructure if possible. If you are partnered, married, or have children, we welcome them to our practice in the hope that we can work with your entire family, thus ensuring that the tools you are given here are reinforced at home.” Across the United States, competition in the field of mental health continues to surge as more and more companies begin to specialise in certain areas. In this regard, HarmonyUS are well-placed to remain ahead of its closest competition due to its client approach as Patsy goes on to explain in more detail. “A therapeutic relationship should feel warm, safe and be connecting. This model is different to many counselling models which have a less collaborative flavour. In these models, typically the therapist is the “expert” in the room and should not be challenged. Remember that therapy is designed to open your eyes to new experiences, options, and ideas. Moreover, it is also helpful in redefining your idea of self and helps you to gain insight into the behaviours which may be interfering with your ability to find peace, happiness, and success in your life. This means that you may not always like what you hear in therapy. “In our therapeutic relationship, it may feel as though you are having a heart to heart with a good friend, however, the therapeutic relationship is a professional one and boundaries will be enforced at all times. In a collaborative model, we want to foster empowerment and teach you to listen and trust your inner self and to foster independence. Naturally, you will be challenged to think of and argue points with your Therapist, Counsellor or Coach which will help to foster critical thinking and is a great skill to take through life with you. “Collectively, our goal is to give our clients the tools to help develop confidence during life’s biggest challenges. With each client’s challenges being different and unique, we carefully examine their current needs, short-term objectives, and long-term goals in order to develop the most efficient and effective personalised treatment plan.” To remain at the forefront of the industry, the firm remain committed to continued educational learning through a variety of means as Patsy explains further. “As a believer in continued educational learning of each individual team member, we participate in and host many workshops, seminars and panels each year. On top of that, we embrace new enhanced service technologies, to connect with our clients.” Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19, businesses have started to adapt to the new normal of working remotely. Moreover, as Patsy explains further, through a similar approach the firm have still been able to prosper during these uncertain times. “As a

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