2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 19 g My Med Kft Whilst Covid-19 and the global lockdowns have dominated the world’s attention, My Med and its competitors have seen a decrease in activity for cosmetic procedures across the world, owing to the shift in priority to the treatment of the virus. However, My Med has continued working hard to ensure they can hit the ground running once normality returns, and now, as global lockdowns have eased, My Med’s numbers are once again on the rise. Following the successful launch of their expansive portfolio of filler products in the past few years, My Med is continuing to make plans for the release of even more products over the coming months and years. Using their vast industry experience and combining it with their well-informed insights, My Med is excited to broaden their collections and provide professionals with even more miracle products that guarantee effectivity and safety. As such, My Med will continue to inspire self- confidence and appreciation in patients worldwide. Contact: Roberto Caldeira Company: My Med Kft Web Address: https://www.myfiller.eu/

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