2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

20 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20048 Most Innovative Clinical Trials Virtualisation CRO 2020 Clinical trials are imperative to ensuring that that which is being tested is completely up to the standards that are expected. A perfect example in the modern era is the clinical trials that have taken place prior to the widespread rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. Clinical trials are absolutely crucial in ascertaining the right data from the right experiments. Find out more about ExomGroup, a firm that is working to innovate the world of clinical trials like never before. Since its foundation more than six years ago in 2014, Exom Group has been an expert full-service CRO that is committed to the modernization of clinical trials by implementing the next-generation clinical trial 5.0 processes. It does this through the combination of human expertise with the efficiency of digital technologies and advanced analytics to provide its customers with value-added services and exceptional study experience. For more than six years, Exom Group has focused on conducting clinical trials more efficiently by developing and implementing advanced digital technologies that everyone is now looking for, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. With its proprietary, multi-modular, cloud- based platform Genius SUITE™, Exom Group improves efficiencies and escalates process speeds whilst ensuring data quality and cost reduction, through all phases of clinical trialling. Exom Group also works with an international network of qualified partners, all of whom are trained in Exom Group’s technologies and processes. This network of partners also provides an established sense of organization that Exom Group can provide, and it does so in an active way across Europe as well as North and South America. Ultimately, the mission behind Exom Group is to innovate clinical research with passion, integrity, transparency, care, and innovation of the highest possible calibre. What makes Exom Group unique within this field and what enables the firm to differentiate itself from the competition is the fact that it has a exclusive combination of human expertise with the efficiency of digital technologies and advanced analytics. That unique combination has played to the firm’s strengths with some of its most recent developments, including a first for Europe. For the first time in Europe, Exom Group combines the full virtualization of a clinical trial with the power of the advanced analytics and machine learning for real-time visualization of study metrics and data, as well as the discovery of possible quality and safety risks. Though achieving and conducting firsts are one thing, there are also other benchmarks of success within the clinical trial arena that can show success. Exom Group has also achieved these benchmarks and continues to set its own standard within the industry. The most significant breakthrough of success is the offer of a unified, multi-modular platform for a fully digital clinical trial experience, combined with the solid operational and medical expertise in conducting clinical studies. As is the case for almost every firm working in the medical industry, the need to stay ahead of emerging developments is absolutely key for Exom Group. The ability to read industry trends and stay on top of innovative new developments allows the firm to constantly go above and beyond in developing the best possible service for its customers. Exom Group is constantly pushing the boundaries of modernizing clinical trials by developing new, innovative approaches to further improve clinical trial conduction and simplifying the life of all three study stakeholders: the patients, the investigators, and the sponsors. The implementation of the advanced analytics has also transformed the operations practices that Exom Group carries out, alongside its business strategy. Data- driven and risk-based project management and oversight is taking hold in the company and becoming an increasingly important point of competitive differentiation in the CRO market. However, about two years ago, Exom Group started thinking about a more innovative business strategy, one that had the aim of involving three mutually supportive targets. Firstly, there was the identification, combination, and management of a number of disconnected sources of data. Secondly, there was the building of data analytics models to get real-time study metrics updates, to visualize data whilst the study was still running in order to help predict risks and outcomes. Finally, the third target was the transformation of the organization by using analytics to improve operational decisions and actionable interventions. To meet these three targets and achieve further success, the team at Exom Group invested significant amounts of human and financial resources on building out its infrastructures to effectively capture, consolidate, and visualize both operational and clinical data from multiple sources. Today, the firm can be proud that is able to generate those value- added services, especially those which the pharmaceutical industry is looking for when it comes to clinical drug development. Yet, Exom Group does not plan to stop there. Rather, it seeks to build on the success of its previous achievements, and look to the future for its upcoming plans and projects. The plan for the future is to become a leader in implementing large-scale virtual clinical trials that can be managed through the use of an advanced analytics and machine learning application. Becoming a leader in this, as well as machine learning and advanced analytics, will enable the firm to effectively perform an in-stream review of study data for making smarter, data-driven decisions. Ultimately, Exom Group is a firm that strongly believes that after the full digitalization and virtualization of clinical trial processes, only the introduction of artificial intelligence solutions could take a great step forward to quickly and easily access the complex set of activities and data in a clinical trial. It’s about supporting the professionals and stakeholders in making the right decision every step of the way, whilst providing customers with exceptional experiences. That is what Exom Group understands, and successfully delivers, every single time. Company: Exom Group Srl Contact: Patrick McManus Website: https://exomgroup.com/

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