2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

24 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20659 Best Social Care Patient Management Solution: OneTouch Health The heart of any good care experience is the ability of everyone involved to clearly communicate the needs and requirements of the client. OneTouchHealth has been key tomany businesses reaching the high standards that those in a vulnerable position expect. It’s why we take a closer look at the team following their incredible performance in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 For the team at OneTouch, the need for better care led to the creation of a Care Management System that could do it all. Many management systems exist, but most require companies to combine different systems that can handle different information. OneTouch is a single connected health platform, designed specifically to engage and manage staff and clients all in one place. The difficulties of care management can only be appreciated when looked at more closely. On the surface, the need to deliver care to a patient is obvious, but this work is split amongst staff who will work specifically for one person and agency staff who will see several. Often shift-based, across a range of locations with a variety of different needs to manage, it’s not easy to organise at all. OneTouch takes all of these factors into account, bringing everyone involved in care, from administration to carer, from patient to family member onto one platform. With the carer at the centre of the platform, OneTouch knows that its way of working puts good, efficient and effective delivery above all else. The result of using OneTouch is a team that knows exactly the information they need to know, and no more. Administrators, nurses, carers and family have sung the praises of this impressive patient management solution. At the heart of OneTouch lies a great system. It is designed to use technology to take the strain from people and to remove human error as far as possible. The processes used are incredibly streamlined, automating anything that isn’t directly about caring. This includes administration, time sheets, billing, payroll and alerts. When the team at OneTouch say care, it describes their values as much as it does their approach. CARE underpins every aspect of the business. As already stated, the Client, their needs and ambitions, lie at the heart of the firm’s approach. The priority is always to do the right thing for them at every stage. OneTouch is Agile, by design. No two businesses are the same and no two patients are the same either. This means that the OneTouch Health’s approach to care can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of individual circumstance. Relationships are the lifeblood of caring, and the OneTouch team don’t just provide for carers, they consider themselves carers in their own rights. By building long-term relationships with their clients, they can understand more deeply their need and requirements, making modifications and adaptations to the program to better suit their needs. This consideration allows the OneTouch team to facilitate better relationships with carers, clients and patients. Finally, the value of Empathy at every stage cannot be understated. The team work tirelessly, through a caring lens that embraces strong relationships to understand and help clients, their personnel, their patients and family members. By doing this, the team can make what seems a very complex process into one which is easy for everyone to do. The customisation options that are available in OneTouch have gone a long way to making it one of the most popular options of its sort in the healthcare industry. This ability comes first and foremost from the team’s deep knowledge not only of the industry, but what it demands from the people involved. Every care management business offers something a little different, and so a one-size-fits-all solution would not be helpful to many. When a business gets in contact with OneTouch, they don’t just take on a freelance employee, they take on a partner who will focus on what a company needs. The platform that this business uses will be bespoke, meeting the specific needs of the business and its clients. In the healthcare industry, nothing less will do. The team take their responsibilities very seriously indeed. Afterall, any fault that arises doesn’t simply affect a business, it could potentially harm some of the most vulnerable amongst us. As such, the team champions the highest possible standards when it comes to service and continuity of business. Any errors or faults that occur are tackled with the utmost speed to ensure that carers can continue to do their exceptional work. Many firms have been able to benefit from the sterling efforts of OneTouch, but one of the clearest success stories is that of Kinetic Nursing Services. The team had found that the manual processes that had served them since the beginning of the company started to fail as the business scaled up. With enormous growth potential in the market, the implementation of OneTouch made a clear and evident difference. Company: OneTouch Health Contact: Brian Sheridan Email: [email protected]

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