2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 27 , Rollz International Most Innovative Mobility Products Design Company 2020 Prior to Rollz International’s inception, the European rollator market at time predominately consistedofwalkers that hadbeenpaid for by either thehealthcare systemor through insurance. Theywere both basic and cheapwalking aids, which did not reflect the needs of those theywere designed for. These walkers did not encourage their users to continue an active lifestyle, and restricted their movements rather than encourage it. Rollz wanted to design a product which would benefit people to not only exercise, but also do so with a walker that could convert into a transport chair, to allowthemto continue enjoying their daily activities. Since itsfirst appearance in the industry a decade ago, Rollz has had ameteoric rise to success andwewere keen to discover more about one of themost innovativemobility products design companies operating today. Ten years ago Rollz International made their debut in the mobility industry. This opened the market for a new, premium rollator segment within the rollator business that consum - ers actually love to have and use. Initially, the company started selling their products in Germany, The Netherlands and the UK. Gradually the rest of the European market recognized that there was most certainly a certain clientele who did not want to leave the house with a mediocre, old-fashioned rollator, but who would be interested in investing into a more visibly appealing and functional alternative, such as the Rollz Motion. During the last decade, Rollz has found an abundance of sales part - ners located in twenty countries across the world, who all share the firm’s keen enthusiasm and benefit from their branding experience. The Rollz Motion is known for combining two products in one. It is both a rollator and a transport chair, which is a unique combination. Thanks to this duo product users do not have to decide which one to take along, as they can take both with them and transform it when needed. This innovative product encourages individuals who require a mobility device to go out and travel because they love the way it opens their world again. So they are able to walk as far as they can with family or friends, and then transform it into a wheelchair to rest while still continuing the journey. Not only does it allow the user a sense of freedom, but others they pass respond positively to the Rollz Motion because of its modern and sturdy design. It greatly pleases the users and motivates them to walk more often, which in turn helps to improve their health. Since the launch of the Rollz Motion, the company has been inundated with positive reviews and heart-warming stories on social media about how their product has helped to transform the life of many individuals. From mothers with children who are able to handle their daily routine, to young people with specific diseases inflicting their walking ability who are traveling the world, even elderly relatives being able to enjoy a holiday with family, this rollator and wheelchair in one has provided a new lease of life for so many of its users. As Rollz’s popularity continues to grow, the team are doing all they can to find new ways of improving their product portfolio. Last year, Contact Details: Company: Rollz International Contact: [email protected] Web Address: www.rollz.com Sep20194 they introduced an upgraded version of the Rollz Motion and launched the all terrain rollator called the Rollz Motion Performance. This version is equipped with air tyres and luxury add-ons to make the ride as comfortable and safe as possible, even on adventures in ancient cities with cobble stones or right across mown grass. Another product due to be added to their expanding range is a Parkinson’s version, the Rollz Motion Rhythm. Three added cues on this rollator (laser, sound and vibration) encourage a regular walking pattern for people suffering from freezing or a disturbed gait. The walking pattern can be adjusted via a module on the rollator or via an app on a smartphone. This Parkinson’s rollator was to be introduced at the Naidex fair in the UK in March, when COVID-19 intervened. Despite the interruption the pandemic caused, the team at Rollz are focused on introducing the Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Japan this year. Then in 2021 the rest of the world will follow. In addition to this, there are new rollator versions also in development, so exciting times are coming for this award-win - ning business and we simply cannot wait to see what other innovative products the team are able to design in the years to come.

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