2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 31 , Drake Chiropractic Pregnancy Chiropractor of the Year - Republic of Ireland Drake Chiropractic is dedicated to providing expert chiropractic care, in particular to mums andmums-to-be. In her twenty-year career, Dr Ros Drake has accrued knowledge and insight into every aspect of pregnancy, birth and postpartum care and is implementing this knowledge into her many exciting enterprises that she is cultivating alongside her award- winning chiropractic practice. Established in 2007, Drake Chiropractic is a clinic dealing in a full range of predominantly musculoskeletal issues such as head, back and neck pain caused by whiplash, general wear and tear, car or work accidents or sports injuries. The clinic’s main area of specialty is in the care of pre- and post-natal mothers. Dr Ros Drake, who founded Drake Chiropractic after graduating from the AECC in 2000 and moving to Dublin in 2005, has been fascinated by the treatment of expectant mothers since her undergraduate year. Throughout her chiropractic career spanning twenty years, Ros has treated 285 expectant mums in the last five years alone. Implementing her knowledge gained through CPD, reading and courses covering everything from spinning babies to becoming a pre-certified birth doula to Ayurvedic postpartum nutrition, Ros is always looking to expand her expertise and learn how best to achieve a successful and comfortable pregnancy. Today, her vision is to enable every pregnant woman to experience a pain-free, happy and healthy pregnancy and birth. Through her extensive research, Ros is able to offer advice and information about pregnancy and birth that far exceeds what is expected from a chiropractor. When she entered the birthing community after having her own daughters, she soon realised she was the only chiropractor actively Sep20050 engaging with this demographic. Consequently, she made it her mission to promote the importance of chiropractic care for expectant mums. Having built close relationships with others in the sector, including public and private midwives, doulas, yoga and Pilates teachers and of course, her many former patients, Ros has been able to establish herself as a crucial asset in any expectant mum’s pregnancy journey. All of her patients are given an abundance of information about musculoskeletal ailments in pregnancy and a handy resource containing advice on therapies, websites, organisations and books on pregnancy and motherhood. Ros’ care continues after the birth, as she checks in with mothers to ensure their postpartum experience is going smoothly. Having assured everything is well with mum and baby, Ros sends a voucher for a complimentary postnatal chiropractic check for mum and an embroidered bib for baby. However, she is working to expand her services by beginning a food business specialising in pregnancy and postpartum nourishment alongside her work as a chiropractor, now that she has completed a Postpartum Nutrition Coaching course. The business will be an online ordering home delivery service of pregnancy and postpartum frozen food. Having studied the effects of postnatal depletion and how nutrition can greatly help, Ros hopes to combat the increasing rates of postnatal depression, that have only been augmented by the global pandemic. Covid-19 put a great deal of pressure on Ros and her resources, with many mothers nervous to visit during the first lockdown but returning in droves once the restrictions were eased. It was at this point that the need for more pregnancy-specific chiropractors became clear to Ros, who has continued educating patients and spreading the word through social media of the importance of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Her message has been promoted at an outstanding rate in recent years, thanks to the recognition of Global Health and Pharma last year, who awarded Ros ‘Pregnancy Chiropractor of the year 2019’. She was also short-listed in the category ‘Specialist Maternity Service of the year 2019’ by MaMa Conference, whilst her online presence experienced a boost after treating an Instagram influencer through her fourth pregnancy. In addition to this, she has also contributed her expertise to Natural Parenting Ireland, Irish Parent Magazine, Wicklow Woman and the Irish Independent Newspaper. This recognition has been wonderful for Ros and her practice as she continues to develop her support and resources for mothers and children. She hopes that within the next ten years she will be able to set up a one-stop shop for mums and mums-to-be, where they can get treatments such as chiropractic, reflexology and massage, attend classes such as yoga, Pilates and ante-natal, stay for coffee, meet friends, have a safe area for the children to play, whilst shopping for maternity, baby or motherhood items and promoting Irish ‘mum- preneurs’ through the selling of their wares in the shop. As Ros’ reputation for excellence in chiropractic care and insight expands, we have no doubt that we can expect to see the realisation of this exceptional and exciting vision soon. Contact: Ros Drake Company: Drake Chiropractic Website: www.drakechiropractic.ie

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