2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

34 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , GHP Innovation Award for Digital Health Solutions 2020 & Best Mental Health Network 2020 Throughpromotion, training, treatment, supply of goods andmore, GrupoCetep and its extensive network of organizations are dedicated to providing comprehensive health andwellbeing solutions to people around theworld. Specializing inManagement andAdministration ofMental Health services, theGrupoCetep teamof experiencedprofessionals is constantlydeveloping their offering in order to achieve their dreamof “becoming the groupwith the greatest global positive impact onHealth andWell-being”, whilst effectively achieving the firm’s primarymission: to get people closer toHealth andWellbeing. Established in 2006, Grupo Cetep is the professional medical organization specializing in the management and administration of mental health services in the Chilean market and dedicated to making notable positive impacts in patients’ lives. Certified by ISO 9001:2015, Grupo Cetep is comprised of large team of professionals of world-renowned excellence, vast expertise in the fields of private health, evidence- based medicine, high technical quality level and a passionate commitment to their work and its progression. The firm was created with the mission to ‘get people closer to health and wellbeing’. Since its inception, Grupo Cetep has established different units, each designed to fulfil the needs of its clients, who are predominantly individuals or organizations across sectors such as health insurance and workplace health and safety. This has culminated in the creation of a network of clinics and medical centers, a training center, a wellbeing-focused online market, a healthy nutrition unit and a non-profit organization. Despite its expansion, Grupo Cetep’s focus remains on the improvement of mental health services. Working in multidisciplinary teams of health professionals as well as civil and computer engineers, designers and more, Grupo Cetep creates agile methodologies Aug20602 designed to provide efficient and effectives responses for their customers. Recently, this has been centered around the integration of tech into the health sector and has consequently resulted in the creation of the firm’s Health Tech unit, which facilitates the creation of projects that incorporate artificial intelligence and virtual reality into their solutions. These human-centered, agile technologies permit the development of a whole world of innovative services and products across a broad scope of fields, such as a global training center and online wellbeing market. For Grupo Cetep, what is critical to the development of these technologies is that they are affordable, global and scalable to some of the biggest health issues such as mental health. Mhaite, the organization’s digital platform that seeks to globalize access to mental health solutions for the Spanish-speaking population, is a prime example of Grupo Cetep’s ability to achieve scalable solutions. The platform collects users’ symptoms, and through a machine learning model associated with a medical triage algorithm, it establishes the degree of intensity and cluster of symptoms, defining the urgency and treatment category required (counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist), which the patient will receive through the same platform. Scalability is supported by a management app, that enables the possibility of “on demand” or scheduled professional attention, creating access to effective and high-quality solutions for people with mental health problems or illnesses, anytime, anywhere and at a much more affordable price than traditional services. In addition, the organization has developed and improved their TeleCetep telecare web platform in just under a year, resulting in it becoming one of the most requested services during the COVID-19 pandemic. A platform that supports connections through different devices, is easy to use for professionals and patients and is associated with an agenda and electronic files, as well as boasting high standards of quality and data security, TeleCetep incorporates digital therapeutic tools such as virtual reality for the treatment of specific anxious conditions or neurofeedback for the treatment of attention deficit disorders. The speed in which Grupo Cetep has integrated technology into its services as a health company has been outstanding, particularly in the last year alone which has seen investment into the development of solutions utilizing AI and virtual reality. However, the potential of Grupo Cetep’s human team remains integral to the growth of the organization and as such, the firm constantly develops training sessions to update their technical knowledge and bring them closer to the latest models of innovation and project development. The Grupo Cetep environment encourages and rewards the growth of ideas and projects from its foundations and promotes a strong culture of quality and excellence which focuses on a client-centric approach to development. As the firm looks to internationalize its services to other Spanish- speaking regions, specifically Colombia, Mexico and Florida through internationalization programs sponsored by the Chilean government and extensive research and network-building, we can undoubtedly expect to see exceptional global expansion of Grupo Cetep in the staggeringly near future. Contact: Claudia Barrera Company: Grupo Cetep Email: [email protected] Website: www.grupocetep.com Grupo Cetep

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