2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

36 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20773 Sonic Medical Systems Ltd Best Medical Aesthetic Technology Manufacturer 2020 – UK Based in the UK, SonicMedical is a specialist in non-invasive facial enhancement therapies, and a pioneer of the revolutionary A-Lift and Diamond Elite products, which deliver revolutionary skincare treatments. Following their recent success in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020, we profiled the SonicMedical to discover what qualities makes themone of the best medical aesthetic technologymanufacturers operating in the UK today. Products are hand built to the highest standards by a dedicated team of experts, contain the best quality components, and are rigorously tested for quality and safety, as reflected in the firm’s internationally recognised CE certification and FDA approval. Company Director, Ali Hussain, is an industry expert with vast experience in digital engineering, computer science, electrical and electronics engineering. He specialises in designing beauty equipment like IPL and laser systems and has many patents pending. Ali tells us more about the company and its objectives. “We bring honesty, quality and integrity to a world of confusion and mistrust,” he begins. “The media is full of horror stories about things going wrong as a result of aesthetic treatments. When examining these cases, this is usually due to poor training and production of an inferior product. “That’s why we focus on four pillars of excellence in our manufacturing philosophy – accreditation, appropriate training, environmentally responsible production and R&D to produce our world-class technology.” Sonic Medical strives to maintain the highest environmental credentials, something which sets it apart from competitors operating with the industry. The organisation is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment) compliant, uses mercury-free plastics as well as recyclable materials, and lead-free solder and PCBs. “When it comes to looking after the environment it is important that everyone does their part. We are as green as we can be and virtually every component we use is British unless we cannot source it in this country. We only use the best and we know our supply chain very well. We are also members of The Royal Society of Medicine, British Medical Laser Association, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and of course we are ISO13485:2016 Medical accredited. “Our company’s continued goal is to have the highest accreditation in the industry and, indeed, one of our greatest breakthroughs was being accredited with CE Medical, which is extremely difficult to achieve for a small company and something of which we are very proud.” It’s not simply accreditation that makes Sonic Medical successful however it is also the firm’s diligence and dedication to its clients to ensure continued customer satisfaction, especially where the current global Coronavirus pandemic is concerned. Ali continues: “We always listen to customers as they sometimes have the best ideas along with being members of many organisations that help develop the future in our industry. “Since Covid-19 hit us hard we have taken the down time to develop new products which usually wouldn’t be possible. So even though our team was furloughed, I personally came to work to support customer’s questions and to develop new products while having no contact with the outside world. “Currently, we are developing many intelligent personal protection products and equipment with the insight of the current pandemic. These are being developed using the latest UVC technologies and one of our products, launching soon, is called “D-Mask” designed for medical and aesthetics practitioners alike. “We are also currently working on UVC-based breathing apparatus which will sanitise against viruses and condition the air that we breathe.” Contact: Ali Hussain Company: SonicMedical Systems Ltd Website: www.sonicmedical.co.uk

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