2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

40 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , One of the company’s proudest achievements is that, based on surveying previous healthcare professionals who had attended a Corpus meeting, 96% would recommend The Corpus to their colleagues. “We pride ourselves on delivering a seamless end-user experience and put them at the heart of everything we do. We have received glowing endorsements, including the fact that 99% of HCPs said what they learn at a Corpus meeting is useful for their everyday practice. “As virtual communication is becoming a norm for most people, the team at The Corpus is excited about the future and the additional support we can offer our clients. We are looking to increase the capacity of our meetings to extend the reach of the meetings. We are keen to build our programmes in the emerging markets, true to Dr Ackland-Snow’s original mission, delivering medical education where it is needed most.” Contact: Sarah Stickland Company: The Corpus Website: www.the-corpus.com Best Medical Virtual Meeting Platform&GHPHealth & Pharma Innovation Award in Knowledge Sharing 2020 The Corpus is an expert-led online independent medical education initiative aimed at improving global healthcare. We speak to Associate Director Sarah Stickland in the wake of the company being awarded this prestigious title. The Corpus was granted this award on the basis of the judging criteria of defining a ‘flagship product or service’. What impressed the panel of judges was their innovative mix of technology with their experience in running medical education meetings. Their proprietary virtual meeting platform, designed and built in- house, is where The Corpus run all of their online meetings - be they medical education, virtual advisory boards, patient ad boards, internal training, etc. Sarah Stickland, Associate Director at The Corpus, tells us what this award means to the company. “The Corpus is absolutely delighted to win this award. We work incredibly hard to deliver top-class medical education programmes and it is wonderful to get such highly-regarded recognition of our commitment and innovation in virtual med ed meetings.” To explain a little more about the company and philosophy behind it: The Corpus is a dedicated provider of online medical education roundtables, providing an easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to connect leading experts with frontline physicians around the world. The Corpus meetings are fully managed and interactive, offering an attractive hassle-free solution for any small-group meeting requirement and providing full programme support, from conception to speaker identification and meeting logistics. Driven by the late Dr. Ian Ackland- Snow, The Corpus was founded in 2014 with the aim to democratise access to the world’s greatest minds in modern medicine. It is based on the recognition that academic leaders play an Sep20579 invaluable role in guiding colleagues in everyday practice through the complexities of the ever-expanding modern medical corpus. By facilitating this ‘meeting of minds’ his ultimate wish was improve patient outcomes on a global level. Sarah explains, “Dr. Ackland- Snow would have been incredibly proud of this achievement. As a former practising physician himself, he was passionate about providing physicians and other healthcare professionals unequalled access to the knowledge of leading therapeutic experts around the world, regardless of their physical location. “His enthusiasm and fervour lives on amongst the entire Corpus team, our zealous approach to everything we do is evident from the success of our programmes; delivering professional online meeting solutions with a personal touch. “From very humble beginnings, we now work with some of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world to deliver education to thousands of healthcare professionals every year, as well as a range of other virtual meeting solutions: medical education, advisory boards, preceptorships, patient forums and sales force training.” Corpus meetings are tailored for small groups (usually around 20 HCPs) to give them an opportunity to discuss and engage with international experts they would not normally have access to. Unlike many of the other virtual platforms, The Corpus isn’t just focused on the technology; they also provide comprehensive meeting planning and support from beginning to end including content creation, faculty identification and recruitment and live online technical support at each meeting. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic The Corpus definitely noticed an increase in demand for virtual meetings. Along with their standard medical education programmes, they have also helped their clients move face to face meetings to a virtual setting. “A lot of the relationship building between MSLs and HCPs/ KOLs is done face-to-face, so to remove that element could have potentially posed a number of problems. However, using our extensive experience in online meetings from previous years, we were able to guide and assist clients in running successful digital events with great success,” Sarah continues. “Recent projects have included devising a large-scale programme in the APAC region in cardiology, and we’re about to publish a paper measuring the impact of those meetings. KPIs we focused on were across four key areas - effectiveness of knowledge transfer, intent to change behaviour, perceptions of educational value and self-reported actual change in behaviour. The results were overwhelmingly positive and will be published early next year.” The Corpus

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