2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 47 , Sep20154 Best Medical Materiel & MRO Suppliers 2020 Theworld’s largest single healthcare community is USAMilitary andVeterans, a group of fearless individuals that risk their lives in favour of others. People suchas these deserve the best inhealthcare and deserve to have peoplewho understand themhelping to ensure this is what they receive. This is where TrillaMed comes in. TrillaMed is afirmbased in theUSA, foundedby formerUSAmilitary personnel, who are accustomedwith theUSA Federal Government’smedical procurement practices. We spokewith Frank Campanaro to seewhat it is that separates themfromothers in this field. The need for healthcare is universal, everyone at some point in their lives require some sort of medical assistance. This is particularly true for military personnel and veterans, who face the unthinkable. Who is best to ensure that these people get the best of the best when it comes to their healthcare? It’s the Veterans and Military personnel themselves. As a company TrillaMed embody this, by employing veterans to serve veterans, they can ensure those they serve get what they need, and that quality of care is not compromised. “Our mission is to improve patient safety and quality of life for USA Military and Veterans. And we do this by representing the world’s greatest firms to the USA Government, and in such a way as we are the market leader in our space.” TrillaMed CEO summits Mt Everest in 2019 as a way to give back. The CEO and TrillaMed personnel climb mountains with veterans through its affiliated charity, The GallantFew (www.gallantfew.org ) and the K2 Adventure Foundation (www.k2adventures.org ). TrillaMed works with companies all over the world, including several in the EU/UK to ensure that the USA Government is aware of all options available to them. They act as a connection between manufacturers and the government, believing that trying to be market leaders and secure federal contracts is a lot for one company to take on, “because nobody can truly serve two masters, we’ve become a reliable liaison. But not necessarily in just a consulting role, as we perform proposal writing and management, lobbying and compliance as well as programmatic and project management or a 1-stop, bolt on, top line revenue generator that not only protects the existing book of business, but also provides substantial year over year growth.” The latest from TrillaMed comes from their recent work on combined procurement vehicles for nuclear medicine which looks to ensure quality control is uniform along with pricing, which benefits everyone involved. In Frank’s words “Not only does this reduce regulation and compliance but offers better pricing for the government buyer, while simultaneously allowing manufacturers to forecast, so they can save money too. With savings of time and money on both ends, there is enough money and time left over to focus on refining logistics which benefit the patient.” TrillaMed finds ways to thrive and do not allow themselves to fall behind, even in an industry that can render something outdated in a matter of days. They do this by looking at everything available to them, not just things offered by big conglomerate companies, but also from smaller developers. “Because we manage complex nuclear medical systems and myriad other systems from infusion, patient monitoring to anaesthesia, we have a very unique look at the medical facility industry on a whole.” This unique perspective is another example of what gives TrillaMed a competitive edge over its competitors. Another reason TrillaMed is has the competitive edge it does comes from their ability to, as they put it “bake the TrillaMed pizza!” Frank tells us what they mean by this is “When we forge relationships with global rivals, who have silos of non- competitive products that actually enhance each other yet never go together because of the competitiveness. But our focus is bundling both products and services, whether they are competitive or not, into a well-focused, efficient and effective procurement that also adheres to staunch compliance and quality control.” Given that this is a model that is rarely seen in industry, it is easy to see why TrillaMed are considered the best in their field. TrillaMed ensures their place at the top of their field by separating themselves from the usual business practices of sell, sell, sell. Instead they focus their efforts in a way that seems very befitting of a company made for Military personnel and Veterans, by Military personnel and Veterans. In fact Frank puts it best when he says “We separate the basics from fluff, and focus instead on actual hard work, facts and brutal honestly with our clients and sole customer, the USA Fed govt. We prefer the term: Military Precision! Which defines a dedication of the tallest order, integrity of the highest calibre and focus of a laser beam. In other words, we enjoy our work, consider it service, or that as retired military professionals, we are still serving, just as business people verses soldiers.” Company: TrillaMed Contact: Frank Campanaro Website: www.trillamed.com TrillaMed 30th May 2019; 05:28 hrs,Tibet. Chomolungma (Mt Everest) summit photo; Frank Campanaro and Pasang Gombu Sherpa.

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