2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

48 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , what a truly positive, sometimes life-changing experience they’ve had. When a client sits down in front of me and says they’ve been recommended by another client it’s a great feeling. When someone takes the time to leave us a lovely review on Google or Facebook it feels amazing! Many of the comments are around how relaxed and enjoyable the whole experience has been and how life is so much better now. How great is that?! To know you have been instrumental in literally changing someone’s life is a very humbling and inspiring moment!” Samantha Luckman Hearing Care Samantha Luckman Hearing Care, based inWiltshire, has been providing quality hearing care for the last two years. Recently, we caught up with founder, and namesake, about her rationale behind setting up the company. When Samantha Luckman started Samantha Luckman Hearing Care (SLHC), it was her aim to create a brand synonymous with exceptional quality and outstanding customer service, as well as to get people to their absolute hearing best. “Without good hearing we are isolated; frustrated; irritable and often misunderstood,” Samantha explains. “If someone takes that big step to get their hearing sorted out, we are there with them every step of the way to help them achieve their hearing goals.” Samantha and her dedicated team work with the old and young, dealing with a range of hearing complications. For some people, simply performing micro-suction wax removal on a stubborn blockage is enough to solve the problem, whereas for others it is a more complex journey, with hearing aids and a full package of rehabilitative aftercare, to get them re-engaging and being passionate about life again. Samantha spent many years working in a major high street hearing care store and was aware of the limitations for those seeking help with their hearing. “Appointments were often short and rammed in to see as many people as possible in one day,” she says. “This means only ever scratching the surface of what the real issues are and what solutions should be offered.” She continues: “High street stores are often tied to certain Sep20749 manufacturers too so you never really offer an impartial solution - what is available is sometimes not the ideal solution for that individual. We are ridiculously proud of our independence and adjust our clinic times to suit our clients not our own agenda. I feel like I really get to know all of my clients personally and make an effort to give them an experience that they will not just mention to someone else, but will want to shout it from the rooftops!” The business has grown very organically, largely through recommendations and referrals in the past year, and has put SLHC in a great position to move to the next level. “Having run clinics from a private medical centre we are excited to be looking for our own premises now in order to expand what we can offer,” Samantha enthuses. “We aim to have separate rooms for wax removal and consultations, as well as a Sound Studio to demonstrate different types of hearing aid technology. “I want the clinic to have a real community feel where people can come for a bit of advice or a whole new hearing system. In addition to this, we are also working on ways to keep our clients better informed with more regular email updates and blog!” When Samantha established SLHC in Oct 2018, she took what she calls a “huge leap of faith”, leaving a well-paid, reliable job in the hope of a business where she could really make a difference. She is delighted to report that she hasn’t looked back since! “For every individual that comes into our clinic it was my intention that they would leave with that sense of achievement and completion. I think we’ve accomplished that and will continue to do so with pride and enthusiasm. The feedback received from countless clients echoes this success - I endeavour to get those that come to me as enthused about their hearing as I am - and that’s exactly what I do! “Without doubt our proudest moments are when our clients take time to tell other people what we have done for them and Best Independent Hearing CareProvider 2020–Wiltshire Contact Details: Contact: Samantha Luckman Company: Samantha Luckman Hearing Care Web Address: www.samanthaluckmanhearingcare.co.uk

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