2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 49 , Best ADD&ADHDTreatment Specialists – California Founded in2013 andbased inBeverlyHills, CaliforniaCalifornia,MillenniumMedical Associates specializes in providing state-of-the-art assessment, treatment, and support for people over the age of 18 suffering fromADD, officially: ADHD. Recently, we caught up with Dr. Dale Prokupek and Dennis Fowler, the founders of MillenniumMedical Associates, to find out more about one of California’s best ADHD treatment specialists. Founders of Millennium Medical Associates, Dr. Dale Prokupek and Dennis Fowler, both understood that adults with ADHD were underserved, as only an estimated 1 in 10 adults with ADHD are diagnosed during their lifetimes. As a sufferer of Adult ADHD, Mr. Fowler believed that a practice focused on excellence in patient care and education was sorely in need and, on receiving his own diagnosis, Dr. Prokupek agreed. As a board-certified internist and staff physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, as well as an associate clinical professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Geffen School of Medicine, Dr. Prokupek is passionate about improving the lives of adult patients with ADHD. “The mission of Millennium Medical Associates is to improve the lives of adults over the age of 18 suffering from ADHD through a combination of education, treatment, and a dedication to the highest quality patient care and service,” he says. As both founders of the company have been diagnosed and are receiving treatment for Adult ADHD, they know personally the profoundly positive impact education and treatment can make, and their compassion to help others to get ahead of ADHD and turn their lives around is at the heart of the practice. Sep20740 “Our staff members are leaders in providing patient-centered care. We take the time to listen to our patients’ concerns and address any questions they may have. Also, we are a physician’s clinic that values all of our patients and appreciate the long-lasting relationships we create with them,” says Mr. Fowler, a graduate of New York University (NYU), with two decades of private healthcare experience. The founders feel that society is largely undereducated about this medical condition and the effects it can have on the life of an individual as many do not realize the options that lie before them. In 2016, the National Institutes of Mental Health estimated that approximately 15 million Americans were suffering from ADHD. Of that 15 million, NIMH estimated 9% had been diagnosed and were receiving treatment. “Those numbers astounded us!” exclaims Dr. Prokupek. “A test for ADHD is not part of an annual physical exam and is not likely to come up during a routine visit. We felt it would be meaningful to help those we’ve educated to increase awareness and treatment of this condition.” Having been unfairly judged by others because of their medical condition, the founders decided Millennium Medical Associates will always be a space where Adult ADHD sufferers will never be judged, made to feel lazy, or made to feel crazy. “Patients regularly tell us that for the first time they feel someone has finally heard them, understands their plight, and is dedicated to helping them improve their lives. “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re now conducting all new patient appointments via secure ‘TeleHealth’ (video chat) for your safety and convenience. Our treatment is now available to all California residents. “Looking ahead to what the future holds, we plan to continue to improve the lives of adults suffering from ADHD through a combination of education, treatment, and a dedication to the highest quality patient care and service.” Contact Details: Contact: Dale Prokupek, MD Company: Millennium Medical Associates — Adult ADHD Treatment Website: www.millenniummedicalassociates.com Millennium Medical Associates — Adult ADHD Treatment

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