2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 51 , Best Specialist Private Healthcare Provider – Nordics Nordic Health Group is a fast growing group of businesses in the private healthcare sector. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s CEO, Thomas Lawaetz who kindly tells us more about the Group’s offering and core values, as well as touching on how they become one of the best specialist private healthcare providers in the Nordics today. Nordic Health Group has 20 clinics in the Nordics with specialised doctors treating more than 7,000 patients yearly for physical and mental illnesses. It currently operates in the fields of vascular surgery, neurology, geriatrics, psychiatry and neuropsychology. Founded in early 2016 and already northern Europe’s largest treater of varicose veins and the largest private dementia diagnosis operator, Nordic Health Group has grown with no outside capital investment. “Our mission is to provide the best possible treatment to patients suffering from certain illnesses,” Thomas Lawaetz, Group Founder and CEO, comments. “When our patients come to us for medical care, we acknowledge our responsibility to assure our services and abilities comply with the needs of our clients. We acknowledge that a heavy burden is placed on us as a part of the healthcare industry that goes far beyond the responsibility that applies to many other industries. This is reflected throughout the entire organisation where everything we do has to comply with this responsibility and has to support our ambition of improving the quality of life for every patient. “Our five core values condense the essence of all activities across Nordic Health Group, and determine our choices on a strategic level as on an operational level.” Sep20891 In such a competitive industry, it is important for firms to stay ahead of competitors by offering a unique selling point to differentiate. “At the Nordic Health Group, we are unique because we are so focused. We are not trying to expand in scope, but only in scale and geographically, so we reach the most people we can, close to their home,” states Thomas. “Employing only the best physicians, we train them thoroughly before we let them see our patients, so the quality level is equally high, no matter whom you meet. We study and contribute to the research in the field to ensure we are constantly at the forefront of developments. “In addition to this, we are currently participating in a life quality study, which measures how much patients have improved their quality of life after treatments with us.” Despite a turbulent 2020 with the global Covid-19 pandemic, Thomas is confident that the future for Nordic Health Group is buoyant, as he is keen to reveal. “Most of our marketing and PR is focused on educating the public so they know that we are here and where they are able to get help. Currently our focus is on geographic expansion into new cities and countries, so we are closer to more people and can therefore help more people.” Contact Details: Contact: Thomas Lawaetz Company: Nordic Health Group Web Address: www.nordichealthgroup.com Nordic Health Group

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