2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

52 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20305 Best Communication Disability Therapeutic Tool: Press & Say Press & Say is a mobile application that improves the communication and rehabilitation of people with communication disabilities, using technologies to connect patients and professionals through the Cloud. Professionals can use it for direct therapy sessions or Telepractice. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Mariluz Gallardo to find out more about this award-winning therapeutic tool. Press & Say is a Chilean start-up that provides the opportunity to improve autonomy, wellbeing and quality of life of individuals with complex communication needs. Chief Executive Officer, Mariluz Gallardo, tells us more about the firm and its offering. “We create and develop Therapeutic Tools for Digital Health and Assistive Technology to control and monitor rehabilitation processes that can be used for Telepractice” she begins. “Initially, we started as a high tech mobile app that helps people communicate (AAC). Then we evolved within the same app to a Therapeutic Tool for professionals that work with people with complex communication needs, face-to-face or remotely. These professionals can monitor patient’s KPIs easily in their mobile device. For institutions we created an online platform where they can use dashboards to read their data and statistics.” Press & Say offers an accessible and innovative product that adjusts to each user, with control and tracking through data analytics under a monthly subscription and with continuous improvement based on user feedback. This unique product and type of assistive technology in the emerging digital health market has essentially re-designed the way people with language and speech difficulties communicate, and sets Press & Say apart from other competitors operating within this space. “We believe in developing technologies that people need and make a real impact on them so we are constantly asking for our client’s feedback to improve our products and services,” Mariluz explains. “Our biggest challenge has been trying to generate a digital cultural transformation in LATAM, in the rehabilitation field. Since the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, our region is changing, and this transformation is taking place not only in rehabilitation, but in every field as a new way of doing things”. Being a digital health start-up has been a challenge and a journey Mariluz states. “Because telepractice is hardly used in the region. Now everyone is learning, testing and experimenting with new tech, which goes along with new development possibilities. “We are focused on helping health professionals and patients to acquire abilities to use new technologies. Our app is user- friendly and we intend to support and facilitate the learning process to use digital technologies in rehabilitation/telerepractice.” Press & Say has been granted and financed by the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO) through out incubator programs: Start-Up Chile (2018) and INNOVO USACH (2020) providing acceleration tools allowing the company to expand and reach the international market. “As our next goal is to consolidate internationally, we are looking for new alliances with rehab centers and hospitals in Europe and other countries (regions), where professionals might be interested in using our tool. Our English version app will be available in the App Stores by the end of December 2020. “We have also been working on a new low cost eye-tracker function. However, in order to launch, first we are creating alliances with speech pathologists to train caregivers and patients to use our App. “Right now, we are in the process of making our products and services part of the educational student’s training programs in telepractice for future health professionals that will help people with complex communication needs, with important Chilean universities.” Press & Say Contact Details: Contact: Mariluz Gallardo Company: Press & Say Web Address: www.pressandsay.com

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