2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 53 , Best Regenerative Medicine Services Provider - USA Founded in 2013 to provide access to those seeking alternative treatment options, Stemedix, Inc., is a RegenerativeMedicine andWellness provider helping individuals tomanage their condition across four areas; Neurodegenerative, Autoimmune, Orthopedic, andWellness. These options include regenerative medicine, also known as stem cell and exosome therapy, dietary supplements, and peptides. On ameteoric rise to success, we took a closer look at Stemedix to discover how it has established a reputation for being one of the best regenerative medicine services provider in the USA today. Showcasing their services in Florida, Arizona, Washington, and internationally in Costa Rica, Stemedix is on a mission to positively impact the quality of life of their patients by reducing the symptoms of their conditions through the use of quality regenerative medicine products and targeted administration techniques. Focusing solely on Regenerative Medicine, Stemedix stands above the competition as they work closely with board- certified providers who only perform against their accredited specialties. During their seven years of service, one thing about the firm which has remained the same, is how the team have maintained their authenticity as an ethical and compassionate provider by focusing on patients’ safety and positive end to end experience, while following science in an effort to create optimal treatment outcomes. It is not just their authenticity or the services they provide which has enabled Stemedix to succeed in over the years, it is their Care Coordinators and Providers. Each of the firm’s patients is personally handheld through the process to ensure they truly understand what is to be expected. From the next steps, to being individually assessed on their condition and/or needs with an approved therapy option by a board-certified provider, Stemedix’s Care Coordinators and Providers Sep20735 go above and beyond to guarantee that each patient is treated with the same level of care, respect and attention, regardless of their condition. Working within an industry that is constantly evolving with the new information becoming available and the rapid development of technology, it is important for businesses to remain at forefront of any changes the sector faces. For Stemedix, they remain ahead of the curve through active research and development of the industry’s latest biomedical products and techniques. The result? We’ll let Fred Palmer, director of operations, at Stemedix explain. “With an almost eight-year footprint in the industry of Regenerative Medicine, we have successfully become a strategic partner for some of the top biomedical manufacturers in the United States. In addition to this, by expanding our portfolio with new offerings and continuing with an ethical and compassionate focus, we have been able to become a trusted provider for patients who look to our Care Coordinator team and providers for the above and beyond care they seek.” It is accomplishments such as this which motivate the team at Stemedix to continue providing their extraordinary service. As they plan the next steps for going forward, one project currently underway is working Contact Details: Contact: 727-456-8968 Company: Stemedix, Inc. Web Address: www.stemedix.com Stemedix, Inc. with the science department at a local university, that is reverse engineering some of Stemedix’s products to gain a deeper understanding of their biological design in order to provide a more strategic treatment plan for one’s specific needs. In addition to this, the biological understanding will also help in knowing what other enhancements can create better outcomes for patients. They have also launched a new offering in their Costa Rica facility with cell expansion stem cell therapy which aligns with their continued focus in current regenerative medicine developments. Ultimately, the future for Stemedix looks promising as they continue to expand their service offerings and help more individuals manage their condition. One thing that remains true is the team at Stemedix are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, instead they are just further cementing their reputation for being one of the best regenerative medicine services provider in the USA.

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