2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 55 , Best Next-Gen Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Company 2020 The companymission at Controlant is to substantially reduce waste and deliver value to stakeholders throughout the supply chain. We caught up with Chief Marketing Officer Jessie VanderVeen to discuss their Cold Chain as a Service®Digital Visibility Platformand what led to the company’s success in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2020. When looking for examples of truly innovative businesses harnessing technology to increase efficiencies, Controlant stands at the forefront. With a supportive team committed to helping people and helping the environment by creating a more sustainable supply chain, it is no surprise that Controlant has been amassed a loyal client base and countless accolades for the innovative solutions they effortlessly provide. For example, the Cold Chain as a Service® solution is a dynamic combination of IoT, advanced visibility, and analytics using cloud-enabled software and cost-reducing operational services. This unique solution allows for an increase in workflow, responsiveness, and efficiency whilst still supporting quality and compliance efforts. The visibility to all stakeholders is immense, allowing real-time access across all lanes, be it air, road, rail, or sea. However, it doesn’t end there. Other notable benefits of Controlant’s award-winning solutions include: • Speed: Deployed quickly at scale, automates supply chain processes to increase efficiency • Intelligence: Solutions aggregate and harmonize data streams through automation, then deliver it into client systems to identify risk • Automation: Data collection is accelerated and is shared between people and organizations, reducing friction and enabling increased collaboration Sep20281 • Empowerment: Evolving the role of supply chain logistics teams from cost centers to strategic revenue generators through collaboration and data sharing • Sustainability: Supports enterprises’ environmental goals to reduce global manufacturing and supply chain waste When discussing the solutions, Controlant’s CMO, Jessie VanderVeen, shared, “Using our IoT, cloud-enabled platform analytics, API connectivity, and cost-reducing operational services, our customers are achieving an annualized ROI and millions in savings, reducing material losses, and enhancing the reliability of their operations.” And things do not stop there for the team at Controlant; they are also developing a next-generation data logger due to launch in 2021, which will provide additional data points for accurate capture and track product shipments across all lane modalities. The Cold Chain as a Service® Digital Visibility Platform is also evolving with major improvements in the works currently. Besides, additional analytics capabilities are being added to their software solution, including predictive insights and industry benchmarking data, enabling pharmaceutical enterprises to make more effective decisions regarding their supply chain in areas, such as packaging and lanes, suppliers, freight forwarders, and other partners. To stay at the forefront of emerging industry developments, Controlant is committed to Contact Details: Company: Controlant Contact: Jessie VanderVeen Website: www.controlant.com Controlant evolving its offering through its technological advancements. The team works closely with major global pharmaceutical companies and their supply chain stakeholders to ensure they have a good grasp of the requirements and needs and establish where efficiencies can be made and how their software can support further. Jessie VanderVeen comments, “We are seeing that the future of the pharma supply chain lies in data sharing and collaboration among stakeholders. This will help each segment of the supply chain to identify and mitigate risk and continuously improve.” GHP is looking forward to revisiting the team at Controlant in the coming months to find out how they are further driving efficiencies and waste reduction within this industry.

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