2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

56 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Oct20110 Best ToothDecay Prevention Solutions Provider – UK Withadesire to improvedental hygieneacross theglobe,QueenMaryUniversityof Londonstart-up companyBioMinTechnologies has developed apioneering range of clinicallyproven, eco-friendly dental products using game-changing technology. Having recently been recognised as the Best ToothDecay Solutions Provider in theUK in theHealthcare &Pharmaceutical Awards, we spoke with Executive Judith Beare to discuss the company’s growing success and scientific innovation. Our teeth have such an important part to play in our lives, and at one time or another we all worry about their condition. With so many dental products on the market for us to choose from, its often very difficult to know which brands will deliver the best results. One company taking the dental industry by storm is BioMin Technologies, launched in 2015 the company was formed to commercialise BioMin®, a new mineralising toothpaste brand developed by researchers from the Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London. The toothpaste contains a patented repair technology which helps to prevent decay, treat sensitivity and re-mineralises the enamel in your teeth. BioMin® toothpaste includes a special bioactive glass which dissolves in saliva to release fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions over a 10-12-hour period leaving your teeth protected for longer. Whereas a standard toothpaste, with a 1450ppm fluoride concentration, drops to 500ppm within just 30 minutes of brushing. This incredible toothpaste is the first and only toothpaste to receive the highly acclaimed Oral Health Foundation accreditation for both sensitivity relief and remineralisation. With licensing and distribution partners in more than 40 countries across the globe, the BioMin brand is quickly becoming a global sensation for both the dental profession and the general public. Despite its success, the company has faced several changes this year as Judith Beare explains, “COVID-19 has meant that we have dealt with a very slow supply of products. Our bioglass is manufactured in the UK, whilst our toothpastes are manufactured in India, therefore, shipping has been a challenge and it has been difficult distributing our products”. Brexit has also caused some uncertainty in the short term with the company putting strategic plans in place to ensure minimal impact to the business. However, in spite of all this, BioMin Technologies continues to surge ahead, currently the company are using the same ground-breaking technology to incorporate it into a range of professional dental products such as varnishes, resins, composites, and gels for topical use. Many dental professionals are already passionate about BioMin and are waiting in anticipation for the next series of products to be launched. BioMin Technologies What is perhaps most surprising about BioMin Technologies it’s is size, as a small company with just a handful of contractors the company has managed to compete against multi-billion-dollar giants in the dental industry. It’s clear to see that their sheer confidence and dedication in the BioMin brand is the driving force of this remarkable company’s success. At the forefront of technological developments, BioMin Technologies will continue their mission to improve the oral health of the general public.

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