2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

58 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20124 Digital Health Innovators of the Year 2020&Best Remote Patient Monitoring Solution: Atom5™ Med-tech at its best! Daniel Lewi, Head of Business Development at Aparito discusses how their innovative solutions and their flagship product Atom5™ is revolutionising how clinicians monitor their patients. As a digital health company dedicated to streamlining the drug development process, Aparito is top of their game. The team have developed a technology solution to revolutionise the patient experience of healthcare with a focus on rare diseases. Patients with rare diseases often have unmet clinical needs and may even be neglected. The team are committed to creating innovative solutions to allow carers and clinicians alike an improved way of accessing patient details, and enabling them to monitor their development in a more efficient way. Atom5™ is a powerful solution which consists of a smartphone app (which is available on android and iOS), a wearable device and a web- based clinician dashboard which enables real-time access of patient records and progress. “At Aparito, we have recognised the importance of real-world data, and real-world evidence, particularly within the realm of rare diseases in which the pathophysiology isn’t understood fully.” Daniel Lewi explains. “With this in mind, we have developed our technology to cater for the distinct needs of patients, and to improve their treatment outcomes. In order to ensure that the technology we have developed has the desired effect, we compile our findings and learnings from each completed study and implement them into the subsequent iterations of our platform; this way we ensure that patients’ needs are truly prioritised.” The company operate on a group of core value principles where the needs of the patient are put first. The team believe in “understanding diseases through the patient lens” and the patients’ mental health is assessed using this technology, as well as their physical health allowing clinicians to see the true overall impact that a disease has on an individual. It must also be mentioned here that a portion of Aparito’s live projects have involved their response to COVID-19. After securing a Techforce19 NHSX award five weeks after the pandemic was announced, the team have been able to deploy their technology solution for at risk oncology patients. Following on from that their Atom5™ technology has also supported on three further COVID related studies, two of which focus on recovery post contraction and the impact on patients’ mental health. In a fast-pasted and ever-evolving industry such as the medical technology industry, on-going development is key. When asked about what the future holds for Aparito, Daniel Lewi shared with us, “In the six years since our inception, we have come to realise the vast adaptability of our product, meaning that various patient groups and therapy areas can employ our technology. We aim to build on Aparito Contact Details: Company: Aparito Contact: Daniel Lewi Website: www.aparito.com this by incorporating new and exciting elements into our technological framework, with elements that include artificial intelligence and machine learning.” With many projects on the radar for the team for the remainder of the year and into 2021, Global Health and Pharma magazine cannot wait to hear more of Aparito and its future advances within this space.

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