2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 59 , Most Client-Focused Healthcare Communications Consultancy – UK Pharmaceuticals is a specialised industry, therefore needing specialised communications services. BOOM! Healthcare Communications are the quintessential pharmaceutical agency, proving themselves time and time againwith their client-focused approach. BOOM! Healthcare Communication is an agency that partners with pharmaceutical companies to build brands, educate audiences and drive advocacy. They work cross- functionally to provide clients with services across four key areas: insights, strategy, capture and keep. The agency is the winner of the Most Client-Focused Healthcare Communications Consultancy – UK, and with good reason. From the beginning of a partnership, the team gets involved in the client’s processes so that they can build a full understanding of the challenges that the client faces. Simultaneously, they analyse their client’s team and work out the best way to integrate themselves in order to fill knowledge and skill gaps. BOOM! conduct research, work with clients to produce strategic planning, workshop with them to develop creative tactics, and work to capture audience attention and keep it, even as time passes and the environment changes. The experts at BOOM! are driven by passion and energy. They love what they do and love helping their clients to achieve ever greater successes. The team is brought together by achieving together. They use their creativity and chemistry to win pitches, but it is the success of day-to-day interactions that produce great results that turn into long-lasting partnerships. Each of these partnerships is made as easy as possible for the Sep20066 client, and BOOM! ensure 100% support in helping their clients to do the best job that they can. BOOM! actively looks for challenging projects where the diverse, extensive experience of the team can get them to the heart of the issue effectively and economically. It is in these environments that BOOM! excel, and therefore, help their clients excel. Specialising in all things pharmaceutical, BOOM! are well qualified to work with medical- based companies. The small, streamlined team have a thirst for knowledge that keeps them ahead in the science-heavy industry. Their collective experience spans more than 70 therapy areas. This includes cardiovascular, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, immunology, infectious disease and transplantation, to name a few. They keep abreast of developments, specifically in pharmacological news, through their business network of associates, articles and scientific publications. They are members of EMIG (Ethical Medical Industry Group) which provides them with courses for professional development, bespoke learning and webinars. Combining this thirst for knowledge with a fresh, efficient agency model, BOOM! can deliver informed work that exceeds their clients’ expectations every day. As experts in an industry that is constantly evolving and changing, BOOM! have adapted many Contact Details: Contact: Vivien Howells / Cory Inglis Company: BOOM! Healthcare Communications Web Address: www.boom-cc.com BOOM! Healthcare Communications processes that help them succeed. “Our experience has taught us the value of process,” said Vivien Howells, Head of Client Services. “Whether implementing our clients’ processes or our own, we drive them across all areas of the account including briefing, SOPs, planning, status reports, training, financial tracking and much more! We believe that it is doing all this (almost obsessively!) that leads to our superior outcomes.” BOOM! has had a very successful year. They have evolved from a small boutique consultancy to a full-service agency in one of the most difficult environments that businesses have seen this century. They have supplied an incredible, and successful, client- focussed service despite being unable to meet their clients face to face. All of BOOM!’s efforts are carried out with one simple mission in mind: to be the best agency you could ever work with. BOOM! are committed to always delivering work that makes them proud, without compromising the interests of either themselves or their client. They ensure that the journey is an enjoyable and profitable one for all parties involved. Long-term partnerships, built on trust and results, are the best, so BOOM! make themselves the agency that their clients would hate to lose.

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