2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 61 , IVF & Fertility Clinic of the Year 2020 - South England and GHP Excellence Award for Acupuncture & Reflexology 2020 For 35 years Oxford Fertility has been driven to helpNHS and private patients discover the joys of parenthood. Recently, we caught upwithMedical Director, Professor TimChild to find outmore about this award-winning organisation and the accomplishments it has achieved over the years. Since inception, Oxford Fertility has been supporting couples on their journey to becoming parents and have helped welcome more than 13,000 babies into the world. With their award-winning services, committed and caring team, as well as their dedication to advancements to improve success rates for patients whose dream is to become parents, Oxford Fertility is leading the way in fertility treatments and services. Professor Child shares that “From a £4m purpose built facility in Oxford and a network of satellite clinics across the South, our team achieves success rates ahead of the national average, with a higher number of births per egg collection, standing at 44% for women 38 and under. “Around 4,000 patients each year undergo treatment with us each patient receives a personalised treatment plan. We offer the widest range of treatments and so can advise on the best route to match a patient’s needs, from natural IVF, IVF, genetic analysis or surrogacy.” With the depth and breadth of knowledge available at Oxford Fertility, it is able to treat a wide range of patients offering the best treatment available. With a 5-star rating from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and a report Sep20561 detailing that 98% of patients would recommend the services of Oxford Fertility, patients are in very good hands. The highly experienced team at Oxford Fertility is committed to research, to evolve and improve the world’s understanding of infertility and improve treatment. It initiates and participates in world-leading research, and so are able to remain at the forefront of the fertility industry, quickly bringing any major advancements to their services and patients. Professor Child commented “with the help of research, the practice of fertility care has developed. It’s no longer ‘just’ IVF. There is now a wide variety of proven treatments and processes we can use. After investigating we can tailor treatment to closely meet the needs of each patient, maximising the success rate whilst minimising the risks. We continue to conduct research, refine techniques and test the next breakthroughs.” Emotional support is key to Oxford Fertility’s success, with many patients commenting Contact Details: Company: Oxford Fertility Contact: Anne Francis, General Manager Website: www.oxfordfertility.co.uk Oxford Fertility positively on the emotional support they received during such a difficult time. Particularly with the added complications of Covid-19 leading to delays in treatment with IVF clinics being forced to close earlier on this year, the mental wellbeing of patients has never been more important. In response to these increased anxieties, Oxford Fertility expanded their counselling support to also offer online yoga classes and free webinars for patients and people concerned about their fertility, to ask questions and receive advice. With the dedication and passion to help people to realise their dream of having a baby, it is clear that Oxford Fertility is a standout firm within this field. “Hearing how our treatment changes people’s lives is what matters most to us,” comments Professor Child. We look forward to hearing more in the future about Oxford Fertility and their life-changing treatments and services. “Hearing how our treatment changes people’s lives is what matters most to us.”

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