2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 65 , Best Luxury Rehab Treatment TheScott©i s adiscrete luxury rehab conciergeproviding advanced concierge addiction treatment, mentalhealthandmedical conditionprivaterehabservices toUHNWclientsworldwide since2010. Recently, we profiled thefirmand caught upwithCEOKat Conway todiscovermore about how theyhave earneda reputation for offeringone of the top luxury rehabs in theworlda vailable today. During these ever- changing times, an extraordinary percentage of people globally are suffering quietly from all sorts of unruly addictions, not to mention challenging mental health and medical conditions, leading to divorce, loss of business, or other unforeseen impending life-changing consequences. Instead of suffering in silence, The Scott © encourage its patients to get in touch so they can explore the ways in which they will help. To begin, Kat provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical clientele that are cloaked in extreme privacy. “Established as a traditional treatment centre model (In honour of a loved one that overdosed before causing quite a row in London), our clientele had very specific requests of which we began to accommodate branching out to a hybrid of a U.S. Medical Boards Model. Whether someone is suffering from alcohol use disorder, opioid addiction, gambling addiction, and more, we provide luxury rehab at home or at a secret location of their choosing .” Aug20696 In the field of private concierge addiction treatment, competition is few and far between for the firm as Kat explains further. “Due to its very specific niche, in a decade we have grown to become the leaders in our area of business. As we were called into this business we are not in direct competition with any rivals. Several ways in which we are able to distinguish ourselves from the rest is through advanced concierge rehab at home or our luxury rehab on a yacht o ffering. The Scott At-Sea © or sea voyage rehab passes stunning locations while patients receive excellent medical, mental health, and/or alternative care.” Anyone can suffer from mental health conditions, and still today too many people choose the alternative instead of seeking help. Moreover, as Kat goes on to explain, getting through to people before it’s too late is one of the firm’s biggest challenges. “The most significant challenge for us is preventing people Contact Details: Company: The Scott © Contact: CEO Kat Conway Web Address: www.the-scott.com The Scott © Instead of suffering in silence, get in touch, all it takes is one email. from overdosing or committing suicide. Informing them that discrete advanced concierge treatment is available is our ultimate aim.” Finally, Kat discusses some of the firm’s biggest breakthroughs before commenting on the future of the firm as we head into 2021 and beyond. “The firm’s concierge model of working on-site intensively with our clientele At-Home, At-A-Hotel, or At-Sea, has broken the mould of traditional treatment since our inception, and that is something we are particularly proud of. Looking ahead our aim will be to build a successful brand to sell or franchise in the future.”

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