2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

66 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Aug20601 Best Healthcare Staffing Agency - Midwest USA Based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, PRN Staffing, Inc has been providing healthcare staffing services to clients since the beginning. Recently, we caught up with Kathleen Reynolds to find out more about one of the best healthcare staffing agencies available inMidwest USA today. In such a demanding industry, PRN Staffing, Inc is committed to filling a vacancy as quickly as possible, ensuring each candidate is a healthcare professional who can provide optimal care for the patients and residents they are entrusted with. To begin, Kathleen provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical client base. “PRN Staffing provides staffing services to long-term care facilities, assisted living communities, hospitals, clinics, and industrial/ occupational healthcare settings amongst other areas. The overall goal of PRN is to provide quality service/care for facilities while they are in transition with their staffing needs. The majority of our clients use a temporary short- term staffing option to meet their daily scheduling needs. Short-term staffing is not the only option our clients have with some also opting for long-term contracted solutions.” Unlike some of its competitors in the region, PRN Staffing was established by a Registered Nurse who has long-term care administration experience. As Kathleen goes on to explain, it’s her knowledge and experience which has given the agency an advantage over some of its rivals. “Alongside her long-term care administration experience, the Founder of PRN Staffing has taught Nursing and CNA courses for a local college. The owner, along with other office staff who are also Nurses are very involved in the field.” To remain at the forefront of the industry, it’s important the team stay in regular communication with the client to discuss any changes they are seeing as Kathleen points out. “It is vital we stay educated and continue to work in the field ourselves in administration, so we stay connected. Constant conversations with our clients also ensures no stone is left unturned.” More than anything else this year COVID-19 has had the biggest impact on the healthcare industry. Moreover, as Kathleen explains further, due to the pandemic she expects staff turnover to be the biggest issue for the firm moving forward. “COVID-19 will forever impact our industry. The biggest challenge I have experienced over my 16 years is the retention of staff. The turnover rate is very high in this industry with very little loyalty shown. The need for staff is continuing to increase with the growing number of new state- of-the-art facilities, and some individuals also choosing to leave their field at a faster rate than normal due to COVID. “Due to the pandemic we started a COVID team very early on, which has worked very well. The staff who volunteered to be on the team only worked at facilities that had COVID patients. Due to this I believe it is one of the reasons why we’ve had so very few cases to date. With facilities aware and comfortable with the PRNStaffing, Inc Contact Details: Company: PRN Staffing, Inc Contact: Kathleen Reynolds Web Address: www.prnstaffing.com plan, staff were not jumping from building to building.” Bringing the interview to a close, Kathleen discusses some of the firm’s biggest breakthroughs before highlighting their plans for 2021 and beyond. “The fact some of our customers have used our services for the entire 16 years says a huge amount, so too does the long- term employees who have stayed to help us grow the PRN team. “Looking ahead the future holds continued growth. This past year we have expanded from providing service to only one state to now serving four states with our qualified staff. For us, growing those other states would represent success.”

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