2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 69 , Leading Pharmaceutical News Platform 2020 – Germany As a global news exchange platformdevoted to providing readers with all of the latest news surrounding the pharmaceutical industry, PharmaQuality Exchange is the perfect place for finding up-to-date informativewhite papers, guides, case studies, educational videos and insightful webinars. Having recently addedmultilingual versions of theirwebsite, we took a closer look at the site to discover how they have established a reputation for being one of the leading pharmaceutical news platforms available today. Since its launch, Pharma Quality Exchange has remained in regular contact with industry experts and standard owners, magazines and consultants concerned with the pharmaceutical sector to ensure that the site is filled with fresh and relevant content. Welcoming collaboration with other industry stakeholders and partners, the site aims to keep the industry informed and up-to-date on hot topics and news stories. During recent months, Pharma Quality Exchange have also been working on their UX to give readers the best experience when visiting the website. This is because, having a good UX plays an important role for the site in terms of content and design. With an ever-growing presence across of all their social media channels, as well as a regularly published newsletter completing the services they offer, Pharma Quality Exchange have thousands of visitors every year, and their download library in particular is well received. Within a short time, the team have been able to expand their Twitter and LinkedIn channels and establish their newsletter as a regular source of information. The importance of Pharma Quality Exchange’s social media channels is that it helps consumer to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the industry, Sep20239 and offers the opportunity to connect with manufacturers, standard owners, magazines, auditors or other industry experts. Within such a diverse industry, Pharmaceutical manufacturers are always looking for solutions to meet compliance, reduce product waste, maximize uptime, uphold product integrity and ensure product quality. At Pharma Quality Exchange, it is their role to inform readers about latest trends and give advice on how to maintain these challenges. One of the biggest challenges that not only the pharmaceutical industry has had to battle recently but the rest of the world also is Coronavirus. Pharma Quality Exchange recognises that Corona is not only part of the topics they share, but also has an influence on Pharma clients when it comes to remote work. As such, on the Pharma Quality Exchange website, they share information about how manufacturers can deal with such a situation. Since the very beginning, Pharma Quality Exchange has all been about exchanging valuable information with experts and combining mutual expertise, which is still true today. As the website expands, the site is looking at cooperating with more industry professionals to further enrich the quality of information they can share with readers and visitors to the site. Included in their plans to expand in the years Pharma Quality Exchange to come, is their goal to grow their Pharma Quality Exchange YouTube channel, by offering more educational videos. Currently, Pharma Quality Exchange is part of an approach called “Exchange Websites”, which includes the two other valuable information platforms Food Safety Exchange and Chemical Quality Exchange. In recent years, Food Safety Exchange has established itself as a valuable platform for the exchange of news within the food industry. With regular contributions from partners such as the BRCGS or TÜV Nord, who are happy to share their content on Food Safety Exchange. As the team at Pharma Quality Exchange plan ahead for what the future holds, one of main goals is to expand Pharma Quality Exchange to the same extent. Having recently been awarded the accolade “Leading Pharmaceutical News Platform 2020 – Germany” in GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards, it is a clear indicator that Pharma Quality Exchange is doing something right and that their website is well-received in the pharmaceutical community. Going forward, we are certain that Pharma Quality Exchange will continue their meteoric rise to success as they expand their service ranges even further. Contact Details: Contact: Ann-Kathrin Beissner, Bjoern Matz Company: Pharma Quality Exchange Web Address: www.pharmaqualityexchange.com Email: [email protected]

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