2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

70 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Aug20603 Best Natural & Organic Skincare Solutions Company - London Azhar London Venture is a specialist skin and cosmetic products formulator. Following the firm’s success in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020, we caught up with Dr Azhar AbdAziz to find out more about one of the award-wining natural and organic skincare companies in the industry today. Through driving innovation globally, Azhar London Venture has remained at the forefront of skincare trends and delivered cutting-edge formulations since the beginning. Going into further detail, Azhar begins by providing a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “After many years working as a cosmetic formulator in the beauty industry, I decided to develop my own brand of purely natural skincare, made without compromise. Matching scientific rigour with a long-standing fascination for the traditions of herbalism and uses of natural chemicals, I wanted to change the way people perceive skincare. By running workshops on how to develop natural and organic cosmetics, I have been able to guide clients and students alike through the unusual process of combining cosmetic science, chemistry, research, and experience with natural botanicals, to strategy, project management, marketing, and general good business sense. “Naturally, our personal care and wellness products are blended by hand using only carefully selected natural and organic ingredients with absolutely no petrochemicals or synthetic additives. Although we believe in using natural and organic ingredients whenever possible, it’s important to note there are costs and limitations of some cosmetic applications with naturals and organics.” In the field of skincare and cosmetic products, there are several competitors in the London region. As more companies begin to focus on making a visible difference to people’s wellbeing, the firm are able to offer a unique selling point in this regard, as Azhar informs us. “Rather than just appearing as pretty packaging on the bathroom shelf, we believe the purpose of health and beauty products should be to make a difference to your wellbeing and skin’s appearance. This is why we include optimum amounts of ingredients in our products, not just enough to claim it as an active on the label. Secondly, we believe that a single measurement is worth a thousand opinions. That is why we do not trade in opinions, but will only offer products with ingredients that have been proven in strict scientific conditions or through hundreds of years of traditional use. Additionally, we believe in offering great value and selling with integrity. That is why we provide detailed product information including active ingredients to help you understand the science behind Dr Azhar London and how the products work.” To remain at the forefront of such a competitive industry, each and every product crafted by Azhar London Venture has to represent something, as Azhar explains. “Today’s brands must be much more than purely figureheads for a retail machine, they have to stand for something. Contemporary consumers are increasingly giving loyalty to brands with values and ideals that mirror their own.” Azhar LondonVenture In recent years, coconut oil has grown in popularity amid claims it can do everything from supporting weight loss to slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, as Azhar points out, it can aid the condition of people’s skin. “Coconut oil may be linked to some potential benefits for skin, including reducing inflammation, keeping skin moisturised and helping heal wounds. The medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil also possess antimicrobial properties that can help treat acne and protect the skin from harmful bacteria. Now, we are working hard to research virgin coconut oil.” Finally, Azhar shares his thoughts on the key to success in the health and beauty industry, before commenting on the future prospects of the firm. “Skincare continues to dazzle as one of beauty’s fastest growing categories, but the demands on brands are intensifying just as rapidly. The challenges are numerous, ranging from the need to adapt to the changing perceptions of ingredients to expectations on sustainability, as well as addressing diversity and inclusivity, connecting with consumers more closely and demonstrating authenticity and transparency, all while being a brand that makes the consumer’s pulse quicken. To remain ahead of the curve, the key to success will be how effectively we can blend transparency, value, and agility. The brands must operate with their ideals and narrative at the forefront, alongside a strong product value proposition. “Moving forward, to maintain our position in the industry we must have a firm grasp of who we are and what our brands stand for, coupled with an equally strong understanding of our target audience.” Company: Azhar London Venture Contact: Dr Azhar AbdAziz Website: www.drazhar.london

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