2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 71 , Best Life Science Brand Public Relations Agency 2020 Located in Cheshire, Discovery PR deliver high-impact strategic media relations and communications campaigns in linewith its business objectives. Recently, we profiled the agency and caught up with Fiona Robinson to learnmore about Discovery PR and their rise to success. Discovery PR is a talented and respected PR company in its industry, with a wealth of experience across various industry sectors enabling a range of creative and strategic new ideas. To begin, Fiona provides a brief overview of the company and offers more insight into its typical clientele. “Across the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, clinical and technology industries, we are committed to doing a great job for our clients, working hard on our industry understanding, contacts and expertise to make sure we can offer companies the very best PR solutions. Discovery PR operates a culture based on honesty, courtesy, and respect. This underpins everything we do, but most importantly we are focused on helping companies and their business succeed. Through our working relationships, we engage and embrace challenges using our skills across the full communications spectrum.” Like any PR agency, Discovery PR aims to help clients stand out from its closest competition while raising its brand awareness and company profile. As Fiona goes on to explain, it’s the team’s personal qualities which have helped in this regard. “By reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message, we are able to add real value to a business, complement existing plans and spark those new ideas that revitalise communication strategies. As an independent company, we can offer greater flexibility to our Aug20562 clients. As an extension of our clients’ communications team, we make sure we are proud of everything we do for them.” To remain at the forefront of emerging industry developments, the agency pride themselves on establishing strong media relationships. Moreover, as Fiona informs us, this approach is taken on board by all staff members. “Through constant contact with editors of our clients’ key publications, we keep abreast of key industry issues and hot topics. This ensures we are in a great position to secure key features and editorial opportunities for our clients. Additionally, all our staff keep up with emerging trends and regular research, equipping themselves with the knowledge to suggest angles and stories of interest to editors.” The outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year presented many different challenges to businesses across the world. Furthermore, as Fiona points out, the pandemic proved businesses must be able to adapt to any scenario. Discovery PR “Collectively, we continually strive to offer our clients the most creative and forward-thinking ideas, especially in such a changing world. COVID-19 has brought about so much business change, proving you need to be open and flexible to adapt to any situation. Finally, Fiona is keen to highlight some of the agencies most significant breakthroughs before moving on to discuss its future prospects as we head into 2021 and beyond. “Discovery PR is proud to work in such a niche industry, delivering successful campaigns to start-up companies through to multi- million-dollar companies around the world. Working across all geographies and all time zones, our knowledge and expertise with proven experience in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector, along with our professional approach, is what we believe sets us apart. “Many of our clients have shown great resilience and adaptability to re-align their services in the fight against the pandemic. In such unprecedented times and with the business world in turmoil, our plans are to consolidate and capitalise on our success and strengths to ensure a secure future. With so many industry events having been cancelled in 2020, we are seeing a shift in terms of budget spend from physical event presence to creating online marketing/ communication content for digital events. The new future perhaps?” Company: Discovery PR Contact: Fiona Robinson Website: www.discovery-pr.com To remain at the forefront of emerging industry developments, the agency pride themselves on establishing strong media relationships. Moreover, as Fiona informs us, this approach is taken on board by all staff members.

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