2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 77 , Best European Health Retreat 2020 Villa Eden The Leading Park Retreat is an exclusive five-star-L “adults only” health retreat. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Angelika Schmid to find out more. As a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Villa Eden The Leading Park Retreat is surrounded by a beautiful park located in Merano, offering both a charming and elegant environment for its guests. To start, Angelika provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of its specialisms. “At Villa Eden, you can enjoy a stay dedicated to idyllic peace, along with wellness and beauty paths prepared by the Longevity Medical Centre, a division with over 37 years of experience in diagnostics and prevention. “The combination of medical and aesthetic treatments, and physical exercise and healthy nutrition will help rebalance the body and offer new energy through detox, slimming, anti- aging, anti-stress, and anti- cellulite programmes. To this aim, the Villa Eden restaurant has adopted healthy gourmet cuisine, using outstanding fresh ingredients, cooked in a healthy and light way, in order to guarantee all the essential nutrients as well as offering excellent digestibility.” As a pioneering health resort, Villa Eden takes a holistic approach to client service and right from its early days this method has paid dividends as Angelika explains further. “Villa Eden is the place where wellbeing and the desire to achieve a harmonious balance Sep20567 between body, mind and soul have become central to our mission. The skills of the Longevity Medical & Beauty Centre have formed the basis of the outstanding results we have achieved. The constant introduction of the latest medical-scientific discoveries, the application of the principles of natural and energetic medicine, of psycho-neuro-immunology and of chrono medicine, are the foundations of this path of success. Through a holistic approach that considers the person in their entirety, we promote health, disease prevention and the adoption of a virtuous lifestyle, essential for serene longevity.” From the outset Villa Eden has focused on meeting and exceeding client expectations, and as Angelika points out, alongside other factors research has played a pivotal role in this regard. “The philosophy of Villa Eden is based on almost 40 years of constant research. Adopting the last knowledges in the medical field, the retreat has always managed to exceed the guests’ demands. In the future, Villa Eden will continue to focus on scientific researches and innovation, trying to address the new critical world’s challenges of stress, obesity, prevention of different diseases and food disorders.” Having always focused on the latest medical-scientific discoveries to guarantee a high- quality life for its guests, Villa Eden has recently been involved in a number of projects which Angelika goes on to describe in more detail. Villa Eden The Leading Park Retreat “The IV Energy Therapy is recognised as the most advanced and effective technique to combat dehydration, the aging process and to prevent a series of ailments caused by oxidative stress. The result is a strengthened immune system and an enhanced regenerative effect. The Mindful Restaurant is the concretisation of a gastronomic philosophy built, piece by piece, following in- depth research and stimulating discussions over the years. It is an environment of boundless elegance where savouring every dish becomes a ritual of conscious wellbeing. Both the guests of Villa Eden and external ones can sit at the table and delight in the extraordinary gastronomic masterpieces of Executive Chef, Philipp Hillebrand and his brigade, accompanied by the fine wines recommended by Elisa Gufler, our expert sommelier.” Finally, Angelika discusses some of Villa Eden’s biggest achievements before moving on to comment on the future of the resort. “Having opened its doors in 1982, Villa Eden has since been recognised as one of the leading medical retreats in Europe. The wonderful results achieved is just a further indication that our philosophy is working. Moreover, our continuous research in the field of longevity permitted us to adapt the most efficient treatments in order to guarantee a better quality of life for our guests. Looking ahead, if we continue to exceed our client expectations and remain at the forefront of innovation, then we will be in a good place for 2021 and beyond.” Company: Villa Eden The Leading Park Retreat Contact: Angelika Schmid Website: www.villa-eden.com

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