2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

78 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Aug20698 Best Physiotherapist 2020 - South West England Physiohelp4you is a family business providing a range of general and specialist physiotherapy services. Harnessing the latest technology, the therapists at Physiohelp4you stay true to their mantra of fast, safe, and effective care. Following their recent success in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards, we profiled Physiohelp4you to find out more about the award- winning services they effortlessly provide. The practice is run by Lead Physiotherapist, Maggie Mugglestone and her husband, Dave who manages the clinic. As dedicated parents, the pair go the extra mile to balance their work life with raising their two daughters. Together with Sports Therapist Kirsten Wing, they have become a well recommended and trusted local clinic for the residents of Yate, South Gloucestershire and beyond. Increasing their clients over the past four years from 1 to over 1000, it is no surprise that the practice’s therapists have over 15 years of experience between them. Both Maggie and Kirsten are trained to a master’s degree level or more and continue to study towards their ongoing professional development. Maggie is currently looking to train for the license to prescribe medicines and to take a course allowing her to administer steroid injections. With Kirsten studying for her PhD as well, the therapists at Physiohelp4you are constantly improving. Using their ever-growing expertise, Physiohelp4you provide a wide scope of services including general physiotherapy, pregnancy and post-natal massage, sports massage, and lymphatic drainage. As an experienced specialist in her field, Maggie excels in musculoskeletal (MSK) therapy treatments. In combination with drawing from their deep well of knowledge, Physiohelp4you also makes use of the most cutting-edge technology available. In 2019, the practice invested in a GYMNA 400 Combination Therapy Unit. The GYMNA 400 utilises electro, ultrasound, and laser therapy in one device, allowing the therapists at Physiohelp4you to deliver pain-free treatments for a multitude of different diseases. No other practice in the area has technology like this and it is helping to set Physiohelp4you apart from their peers. Physiotherapy can be an essential medical service, not just for the patient’s physical wellbeing, but also for their mental health. As well as restoring function and relieving pain, physiotherapy is incredibly effective in the management of anxiety. The reduction of muscle tension can enhance the patient’s ability to sleep and therefore helping to boost their mood and self-esteem. These benefits can be vital to patients in many different high-stress or physically laborious occupations. This is especially true for NHS workers who are currently on the front line of the Covid pandemic. The high-pressure and often physically demanding environment in which they work can lead to a plethora of physical and mental health problems. Having access to effective physiotherapy care can be crucial in both improving NHS workers’ quality of life and ensuring that they are still able to work. Physiohelp4you understands the importance of their services for health workers, and in response Physiohelp4you to the pandemic they have been offering a 20% discount to all NHS employees for life, not just whilst they are working in the NHS. In addition to being beneficial in supporting health services workers, physiotherapy is also proving to be critical in the rehabilitation of Covid-19 patients. Physiotherapy practitioners have been providing essential care to patients in every stage of Covid treatment and recovery. Their services have helped patients in intensive and acute care units, as well as those home settings after they have been discharged. Because of this high demand for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) is urging governments and health providers to help protect these services that are so important to the Covid response. Some physio practitioners were forced to halt their services in the first phase of pandemic restrictions, and this is still true for many of them. According to CSP, as of September 2020 only 15% of their members reported that the services they normally provide are back to being fully functional. Fortunately, the UK government recognises the necessity of physiotherapy practices like Physiohelp4you in recovering from the pandemic. Preceding England’s November 2020 lockdown measures, the government announced that physiotherapy practices were to remain open, as they are an imperative medical service. This means that Physiohelp4you can continue to deliver their invaluable care. Practitioners such as Maggie and Kirsten will be integral to the country’s recovery, not just for Covid patients themselves, but for those whose health condition has deteriorated as a result of lockdown. Their expertise, proficiency and dedication to their work is irreplaceable. Contact: Maggie Mugglestone Company: Physiohelp4you Website: www.physiohelp4you.com

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