2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

80 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Aug20652 Most Innovative OTC Pharmaceutical Company 2020 - North America Punch Gunk is the result of pioneering innovation applied to a long unsolved problem. So manymuscle rub products on the market are based on decades-old formulas, possessing poor ectodermal penetration and that fail to address the unpleasant attributes of commonly used ingredients menthol and camphor. In 2015, husband and wife teamCameron and Nadene McIntyre set out to find a naturally focused formulation that resolved these issues. Bringing to the table extreme ingenuity and a strong sense of customer care, Punch Gunkwere dubbed “Most Innovative OTC Pharmaceutical Company – North America” in the 2020 GHP Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards. After suffering from the impact of their athletic endeavours, the McIntyres discovered first-hand the soreness and strains that come along with being a fitness- forward adult. They initially tried using an array of popular topical ointments, only to find that these products usually emitted an obnoxious odour and were greasy. On top of this displeasing sensory experience, the products that Cameron and Nadene tried were remarkably ineffective. Despite consulting trainers and coaches, they were simply referred to the same inadequate products. It was then that the McIntyres decided that there had to be a better solution. Cameron and Nadene conducted extensive research alongside athletes, knowing that they routinely endure enormous amounts of physical trauma in training and competition. In collaboration with renowned chemist Fred Khoury at Above Rinaldi Labs, they created Punch Gunk, a product that was developed with effectiveness and user experience in mind. Punch Gunk is an FDA-compliant topical pain reliever which has been formulated using nine natural extracts with exceptional anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. In the earliest stages of the product’s research and development, the team at Punch Gunk sought feedback on every aspect of the product, so that they could create something consumer focused. As a small company, Punch Gunk excels in implementing customer feedback quickly and thoroughly. Their ability to do so is reflected in the reaction of consumers who have tried the product. Punch Gunk users of all ages comment that the product provides significantly noticeable pain relief, without the greasy feel or offensive smell. With some calling it a “miracle worker,” Punch Gunk addresses all the problems the McIntyres intended it to. For small OTC pharmaceutical companies, it can be difficult to stand out against the corporate giants competing in the Pharma industry. However, the ingenuity emanating from the creative minds at Punch Gunk is helping them distinguish themselves. Their unique offering provides an answer to age-old problems which no other company has yet been able to solve. “We are confident our products are creating a new threshold for innovation in a stale market and our company’s flexibility allows us to manoeuvre quickly around PunchGunk roadblocks and react fast when developing new ideas.” explains Cameron McIntyre, adding that, “We use the most advanced emulsifiers and emollients to produce products that maximize bioavailability and deliver fast, effective relief.” Punch Gunk is fully committed to incorporating natural ingredients into their products and are constantly searching for new methods of implementation. As well as their Punch Gunk pain relieving lotion, the company has released the Punch Gunk Recovery Bath Bomb. The Recovery Bath Bomb contains seven natural extracts which are proven to reduce pain, inflammation, and stress. Punch Gunk’s products have been endorsed by high-profile athletes, predominantly in combat sports such as Mixed Martial Arts. Athletes in the combat sports arena possibly suffer the most when it comes to injuries and long-term strains. It is a testament to the potency of Punch Gunk products that some of the most injury-affected sportspeople in the world are touting its efficacy. They “synthesise the best of science and nature,” and in doing so are leading a revolution in natural pain relief products. Contact: Cameron McIntyre Company: Punch Gunk Web Address: punchgunk.com

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