2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 81 , Leading Manufacturer of Orthopaedic Implants 2020 – France Innovativemedical solutions are taking theworldbystormandcompanyI.Ceram, based intheheart of France, isnoexception.We speakto thefirm’sPresident andCEOabout theorthopaedic implants whichhavehelped toput it onthemap. Located in Limoges, I.Ceram is a company which specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of highly technological solutions for various joints of the human body (such as the ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder, wrist, etc). Moreover, porous ceramic implants that incorporate active molecules within them are designed manufactured by I.Ceram. Since its creation, I.Ceram has integrated innovation, scientific research and the development of new implants on a daily basis and, with more than 35 years of expertise, it has the ability to provide surgeons with integrated solutions in the form of ready-to-use implants in the operating theatre. President and Chief Executive Officer, Andre Kérisit, explains what makes the firm unique and helps it differentiate itself from others in the industry. “A strong specificity of I.Ceram is the manufacture of porous ceramics with remarkable biocompatibility. This inert and biocompatible ceramic has a superior mechanical resistance to the natural bone and porosity similar to bone allowing its osteo- integration by cellular colonisation. Its three-dimensional structure allows it to be loaded with active molecule and in particular antibiotics with local delivery which is a therapeutic evolution in the management of bone infections.” Oct20149 The strategy of I.Ceram is to replace, by a simple, fast and precise technique, a part or any bone damaged by an infection, a tumour or a bone defect. The challenge for I.Ceram is to become the world leader in the treatment of bone infections and bone metastases. Back in 2016, I.Ceram gained recognition for developing the world’s first implantable ceramic sternum that has been elaborate by André Kérisit in collaboration with the surgeon. “I.Ceram is the only company that has made it possible to implant a sternal replacement implant at Limoges Hospital through Dr Bertin in a mediastinitis (infection of the mediastinum affecting the sternum and preventing the scarring of the wound of the heart). This ceramic, loaded with antibiotic, was a world first and allowed a patient who had been hospitalised for 10 months and without a therapeutic solution to be operated on, and to leave the hospital, 21 days later.” The firm has also had other significant successes too, such as the success of surgical implants in the case of bone infections. Porous ceramics are used to fill large bone defects in all or part of the skeleton, quickly allowing for the patient to stand up and walk. In addition, these ceramics can also be loaded with biomolecules for infection and cancer cases. I.CERAM “Today, I. Ceram knows how to model all or part of the skeleton by proposing for the surgeon a modelling of the surgical act allowing him to perform the surgical act with an effective methodology,” says André Kérisit. “Through innovation and team spirit we have been granted confidence by surgeons who continue to use our therapeutic rupture implants with prescriptions related to pathologies in children and especially in cancer.” With regards to the future, work is already underway at I.Ceram to create a future plant 4.0, which is completely digitised, as well as ensuring it continues to put working conditions and well-being of its staff at work at the heart of its production unit in order to a lways better satisfy the customer. Contact Details: Contact: André Kérisit Company: I.CERAM Web Address: www.iceram.fr Phone +33 555 69 12 12 Email Address: [email protected]

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