2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 85 , Most Innovative in Bacterial Resistance Technology Development - USA Formanyyearsnow, the traditionalmethodofmakinga surfaceresistant tobacteriahasbeentouse antibiotics, but antibioticsmerely foster thedevelopment of bacterial resistance. Another solution wasneeded. That’spreciselywhatGenetoooffers its clients, using licensed laser technology towipe awaybacteriaand leaveasurface that isgenuinelyclean.We takeacloser looktofindoutmore. At the heart of what Genetoo offers is years of research and development done by NASA. Now finally mature enough for commercial use, Genetoo is working around the clock to open access to this technology to all. While based in the USA, it has already gained international interest, with partners in the EU and South America. The system is elegant in its simplicity. The Genetoo laser treats prosthetic implants, such as dental implants or orthopaedic implants in the knee, elbow or shoulder, enhancing bactericidal properties within the surfaces. This cuts the incidence of post implant infections significantly, saving costs to the healthcare industry and providing a better service to patients. Unlike antibiotics or chemical coatings, the Genetoo laser offers a physical solution to the problem of prosthetic implants infections. The prototype that has been constructed has proven wildly successful, with the technology involved capable of repelling the bacteria involved in prosthetic implants infections by up to 94%. The prototype has also proven to be biocompatible while triggering enhancement in osteointegration of prosthetic implants. This makes it an incredibly appealing method to medical practitioners and patients alike. Sep20027 The potential of laser surface functionalization has been extensively assessed, but the high costs of research and development have been the main issue. Working with an organization like NASA has been vital to the company’s success, boosting the team’s reputation amongst an international community of scientists. The best people around the world have been able to work with the team and prototype the best laser for specific applications. Now, Genetoo is able to reduce the sink costs associated with laser technology offering a whole package, which includes the IP, know-how, laser device and regulatory pathway to name but a few. Genetoo has exclusivity for this impressive technology, since it has licensed the IP from NASA. On top of that Genetoo has generated further Proprietary Intellectual Property. It owns the process and several trade secrets that make this technology particularly suitable for up scalability and mass production. Genetoo has in place multiple strategic partnerships and will be able to prototype a laser device suitable for automated 24/24 mass production. This option would be suitable for industrial applications on a 6-month turnover. It also holds a Space Act Agreement with NASA’s Space Technology Mission directorate, allowing for further implementation Genetoo Inc. of this technology not only on Earth, but in space too. The team are working tirelessly to complete the documentation necessary for the commercialization of its technology by the US Food and Drug Administration, allowing people to take advantage of this incredible offer. Already, Genetoo are having conversations with multiple well-established and market leader prosthetic implants manufacturers, in order to push a new generation of prosthetic implants to the market as soon as possible. What Genetoo offers is a solution that is thoroughly unique in the market. It’s truly pioneering, in every sense of the word. As the market comes to recognize what the potential of Genetoo’s laser solutions are, they will be quickly demanded everywhere. This is a technology that will revolutionize the healthcare sector. Contact Details: Company: Genetoo Inc. Name: Christopher Whitman Web Address: www.genetoo.com Email: [email protected]

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