2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

88 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Best Creative Healthcare Insurance Solutions - Illinois Health ismade up of a variety of different aspects that go outside amedical practitioner’s expertise. InAmerica, the importance of healthcare insurance cannot be understated, giving people access to the healthcare they needwhen they need itmost.Worthy Insurance Group provides creative commercial lines insurance solutions to businesses throughout theUnited States and has achieved enviable success in this field.We lookmore closely to find outmore. When Worthy Insurance Group was founded in 2005, it was with the core values of honesty and transparency. Fifteen years later, this approach has not changed at all, in fact it has become a stronger guiding force in challenging times. The team take pride in being true advocates for their clients and for their needs, offering inventive solutions that meet their specific needs in every regard. The team works with businesses the length and breadth of the United States, providing vital commercial lines insurance solutions. While they work with a variety of businesses, Worthy Insurance Group has found a passion for its work with covering Skilled Nursing and Long-term Care facilities. Each client is treated as an individual, receiving the exact coverage that is required for their business. Treating a client individually is not an easy task, requiring both parties to learn and educate each other in order to achieve the best results. Working collaboratively is a key part of how Worthy Insurance Group has been able to flourish in the often-complex world of healthcare. Staff are encouraged in their personal and professional development, with the team taking advantage of many in-house training tools and webinars from the Academy Sep20031 of Insurance which allow for both independent and group learning. The firm encourages designations within the industry and as a company, will pay for the testing and give a bonus for designation completion. For many, Worthy Insurance Group has been a place where they can grow and develop as a professional, which means that new employees quickly find success. The management team set expectations that give clear guidance and direction to what their clients expect from the business, and how to exceed those expectations. The implementation of the Worthy Standards of Service provides both employees and clients with clarity, vision, and consistency of service. The best talent is one that can serve a client, and this has led the team to recruit primarily from those who have a background in the service industry. This foundation encourages excellent customer service skills and enables employees to lead with empathy. Those who are taken on by the firm often have excellent problem-solving skills and a desire to keep learning. The result is a constantly evolving space which has an amazingly friendly and open work culture. In and of itself, that keeps people interested in what Worthy Insurance Group has to offer. The business has been a major success for the last fifteen years, Worthy Insurance Group and seems set to continue this trend throughout 2021. While many have struggled through 2020, this is a team that is currently hiring new recruits who can elevate the firm to the next level and meet the increasing demand for the team’s exceptional services. In short, what Worthy Insurance Group offers to clients is a Contact Details: Company: Worthy Insurance Group Contact: Ryan Spalding Website: www.worthyinsurance.com service that meets their specific needs in a niche market. As the world keeps changing, this team continues to explore the options and ensure that businesses don’t get left behind and their employees forgotten. It’s this care and attention to detail that has been the key to the firm’s remarkable success.

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