2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 89 , Best Medical Illustration & Animation Specialists 2020 - UK Medical-Artist.com is a teamof qualifiedmedical artists trained in the creation ofmedical and anatomical art and expert illustrations of everything fromnew surgery techniques, tomedical devices, to health and pathology conditions. Based in theUKwith a client base that extends across theworld, Medical-Artist.comtakes pride in having produced functional and beautiful customisedmedical illustrations and animations formore than a decade.We spoke to director, TimButler, to find outmore about his and fellowdirector, Joanna Culley’s work. Medical illustrations and medical animations have a definitive purpose to aid the communication and education of complex medical content and important concepts. For over a decade, Medical-Artist.com has been providing customised medical illustrations as a UK-based medical visualisation agency catering to a broad spectrum of clients and purposes all over the world. The agency has a definitive purpose to help clients clearly communicate their messages, by creating visualisations that engage appropriately, accurately, concisely and beautifully with audiences. Undertaking all manner of medical illustration work, Medical-Artist.com has accrued a global reputation in particular for their excellence in the traditional mediums of pencil and watercolour, as well as 2D airbrushed digital artwork. Whilst there has been increasing use of digital tools and 3D packages to create medical illustrations in recent years, many clients prefer these more traditional illustration mediums, choosing them over the often plastic-looking aesthetic of 3D artwork. Not only are Medical-Artist.com’s works chosen for their better alignment with brand and communication objectives, the illustrations are also better able to highlight crucial information. Medical-Artist.com’s reputation has grown exponentially over the years thanks to their work Aug20611 with institutions of all shapes and sizes, including academic institutions like Harvard, Imperial College and UCSF through to corporations like J&J, Daiichi Sankyo and UBM Medica, as well as non-profits such as the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the NHS and the European Society of Cardiology. Medical-Artist.com has recently worked as the sole provider for the latter across their many academic publications. This is a highly demanding engagement, with tight, immovable deadlines, high levels of complexity and requires unique medical illustrations delivered accurately and without stress. The fulfilment of these requirements is a testament to why Medical-Artist. com is repeatedly chosen for the most demanding medical illustration engagements. The team takes pride in being easy to work with, alleviating stress for their clients whether they are well acquainted with medical illustrators or commissioning them for the first time. Alongside their growth and development as a business through the acquisition of prestigious clients and increasingly complex projects, Medical-Artist.com is also able to celebrate the personal successes of their own team. Founder and Senior Medical Artist, Joanna Culley, was invited to speak at the World Health Organisation in Geneva in 2020, as part of WHO’s conference on Neglected Tropical Diseases. Joanna Medical-Artist.com presented some of her initial research for her PhD which is on the use of medical illustrations to aid diagnosis in Sub-Saharan Africa, the work is supported and funded by Medical-Artist.com. Joanna’s PhD project is intended to improve patient outcomes through faster and more accurate diagnosis of debilitating and live changing tropical ulcers, such as Buruli and tropical ulcer. For Medical-Artist.com, all time spent learning and improving skills is always time well spent, and as such is actively encouraged within the firm. For instance, as well as her PhD work, Joanna also collaborates and works with clinicians working on a range of medical innovations and new techniques. In 2020, when COVID-19 and the global lockdowns dominated headlines, Medical Artist eagerly stepped forward to help a large number of organisations in the rapid creation of medical illustrations concerning the outbreak and its control, for example with diagrams for the correct use of PPE. While COVID-19 continues to hit the headlines other medical conditions and ailments have not gone away and Medical- Artist.com’s clients are still focused on improving patient outcomes across a multitude of conditions. Tim tells us, “we will be there to help our clients by communicating their messages and their innovations to their audiences with maximum clarity and beauty.” 2021 will continue to be just as busy for Medical-Artist.com as this year has been, and the team are excited about the prospect of working on projects for remote healthcare learning and the illustrations of a number of books. Meanwhile, Medical-Artist. com continues to deliver the highest standards in illustrations and animations in their on-going work for clients across the globe. Contact: Tim Butler Company: Medical-Artist.com Web: www.medical-artist.com

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