2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 91 , Best Pharmaceutical Over Labelling Service Provider - UK Over labelledmedicines are thosemedicineswhichremainintheoriginal packagingbuthavebeen labelledwithpre-printeddosage instructions requiringminimal completionbystaff ensuring timelyandsafepatient discharge.Over labelledmedicineshelpwithimprovedpatient flowso patients canbedischargedquicklyandnothave towait formedicines tocome frompharmacy thus minimisingdelays indischarge. ArcadiaMedical provides a service thatmeets theneedsof boththe NHSandPrivateHealthcareSectors, saving timeandmoney.We takeacloser lookat this leading pharmaceutical serviceprovider. Arcadia Medical was founded in 2018, their vision is on the development and commercialisation of niche generic pharmaceuticals and specialist pharmaceutical services. Bringing together a comprehensive team of experienced pharmaceutical professionals with a combined experience of over 75 years in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry, it quickly made a mark in the healthcare sector. Their passion for excellent customer service sets the team apart from the competition. They are constantly looking for ways in which they can help their customers to create efficiency and streamline processes. The development of an online customer portal has been a huge investment but has proven to be very successful with customers wanting to order pharmaceuticals quickly. At the click of a button customers can track their orders to the point of despatch and view any back orders. This gives the customer the ability if required to view their order status online. The whole process is simple and made transparent for all. Strong relationships have been built with customers so that the team understand precisely what they need and when they need it. This carefully cultivated approach has allowed the team to make a splash in a very competitive market. Sep20283 As the needs of their customers are changing regularly, the team work with customers to find the best solutions. Recently, Arcadia Medical have been able to supply Cardiac Crash Bricks, Anaphylaxis Kits and Extravasation Kits to various healthcare providers. The impact of COVID-19 on the health industry has been significant in several ways. Not only has it put great strain on the medical systems of countries around the world, but it has had a big impact on the delivery of drugs. Accessing medicine at the right price and the right time is not easy at all. With lots of drug shortages currently in the market, the team at Arcadia Medical are working closely with customers and suppliers to provide continuity of supply. Arcadia Medical have developed a customer forecasting system which helps them to maintain good stock levels and react quickly to any market fluctuations. The team stays ahead by keeping in regular contact with industry colleagues and business partners. There are many different avenues for keeping on top of the changes in the industry and the team attend regular exhibitions and conferences where necessary and keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to new developments. The future of Arcadia Medical seems very secure indeed, with new projects in the pipeline to ensure that this remains the case. Arcadia Medical The passion that the team have for providing a first-class service has created the difference that has led to their success. It is a success that sets the standard for Arcadia Medical moving forward. Contact Details: Company: Arcadia Medical Contact: Eqbal Parkar Web Address: https://arcadiamedical.co.uk/ Email: [email protected]

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