2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 93 , Sep20233 Homecare Provider of the Year - Greater Manchester Finding the right support systemwhen living at home is no easy task. What is required is a system that is adaptable and fluid, to suit the changing needs of people in domiciliary care. Homecare For You has made this approach an icon of their business plan, serving people across GreaterManchester. We take a closer look to see how the team implements their care in order to achieve such success. When looking for a provider of domiciliary care, it pays to find a specialist. Few are more qualified than the team behind Homecare For You. They pride themselves on a service that is not just committed to quality, but to meeting the needs of the person. The team’s cost-effective support services are custom designed to produce positive, measurable outcomes for the service users. Homecare For You is designed around the principle that everyone has the ability to learn new skills with the right care, achieving new levels of independence. Because the person is at the heart of every decision, they can take more control over their lives and how their services are delivered. To bring this about, the team take the time to undertake ongoing service user consultation, through tailored communication approaches, and involvement in all aspects of service provision such as, support planning, risk assessment and service reviews. In this way, the team can tailor the service to meet the specific needs and wishes of the client. The difference that this approach has made is clear to all who have used the team’s services. They fervently believe that anyone and everyone has the right to be a valued and contributing Homecare For You member of the local community. Despite the many challenges that those who use Homecare For You face, the team supports their clients in the undertaking of any community based activities or interests that they wish to pursue. This applies equally to the role of family contact. The regular involvement of people who are close to service individuals ensures that everyone is satisfied with the high level of care that the team at Homecare For You provide. By maintaining regular and meaningful family contact, it’s possible to achieve even than an individual could. It also ensures that the care provided in different situations is matched in every aspect of a person’s life. None of this work would be possible without the incredible efforts of the team who bring Homecare For You to life. Finding the right people to work at this impressive firm is an incredible challenge, but brings about the most astonishing rewards. As such, staff are carefully selected for their skills, knowledge, attitudes and values. Ongoing personal development is highly encouraged as is regular supervision for all staff. Needless to say, the team at Homecare For You have achieved the remarkable, encouraging those in their care to keep moving forward and looking outward when many would be building walls and limiting their potential. Taking this proactive approach ensures that the people in their care are happy, satisfied and constantly growing. It’s a result that has ensured much success for the firm, and will continue to do so for years to come. Contact Details: Company: Homecare For You Contact: Mahfooz Hussain Email: [email protected]

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