2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 95 , Oct20347 Best Healthcare eLearning Solutions Provider 2020 What began as a small start-up rooted in the healthcare market has seen twenty-five years of growth and development to become Precision, a leading agency driven by data and technology to create solutions inmarketing communications, online learning, ecommerce fulfilment and more, for healthcare businesses, consumers and patients. Whilst a great deal has changed over twenty-five years, Precision’s mission has remained consistent as they seek to enhance the connections between brands, sales channels and the consumer. Established twenty- five years ago as a small start-up in the healthcare market, Precision is today a leading, data driven solutions provider in marketing and business growth, based in Suffolk, UK. Although a great deal has changed since its inception, including the context in which the company operates, Precision continues to have data at the heart of everything they do in their mission to enhance connections between the brand, the sales channel and the consumer. Whilst print and direct mail was always a critical part of the communication process, the importance of data has never been so stark as it is now. Data driven campaigns can be targeted using client defined datasets, and deliver fantastic results whilst minimising spend and environmental impact. With their digital development team and production capabilities, Precision is able to either deliver straight to consumers or through channel partners. Precision’s Learning solutions are a key part of using data to enhance the relationship between the brand, the channel and the consumer. Particularly within the healthcare market, regulatory compliance and product knowledge is key to ensuring channel partners represent the brand safely, knowledgeably and consistently. These learning solutions are the result of more than twenty years of experience in delivering learning management systems, as well as training and skills development for employees, contractors and wider distributed workforce. Consequently, the firm was instrumental in GSK’s ‘MyPharmAssist’ project and J&J’s ‘The Pharmacy Training Club’. Today, these learning platforms are designed and built to incorporate industry-leading features, and can be delivered at anytime, anywhere in the world, through their vast online learning ecosystem. As a result of their many years of industry experience and resulting insights, Precision is now one of the UK’s leading healthcare learning solutions providers. These learning solutions can be delivered face to face, as part of a product launch or campaign, or remotely utilising the e-learning platform, Precision Infinity. With Precision Infinity, the team can host interactive and engaging multimedia learning materials and gamify the learning experience. Major retailers such as Boots Opticians have chosen Infinity to deliver compliance training, personal development and professional CPD to its diverse workforce. The virtual nature of this platform has proven particularly useful throughout 2020, and Precision is currently working with healthcare clients who previously would have preferred face to face product launch and risk minimisation events. These learning events are being moved completely online and Precision’s digital and learner engagement teams are working closely with partners to deliver slick virtual events using sophisticated video conferencing and learner engagement technologies. Another major benefit of online learning is the ability to produce rich analytics, to evaluate learner competence and engagement, and to facilitate targeted post- event follow up. Puressentiel Académie is a branded Infinity solution that provides learning modules for pharmacy staff, developing knowledge and skills to recommend the Puressentiel brand. As the products are unlicensed, this is combined with learner incentives, such as a free prize draw to win a holiday, with potential to integrate with wider channel partner loyalty programmes. Analytics allow the easy demonstration of where learner engagement with the brand translates to sales, thus proving return on investment. Covid-19 has also seen an increase in ecommerce solutions, and thanks to Precision’s experience in the healthcare sector, the firm has been able to help businesses seamlessly transition to the online platforms. For instance, Precision was able to host an MHRA/WDA approved e-commerce site and design a ground-breaking three-hour delivery service for HRA’s ellaOne, a leading brand of emergency hormonal contraception. The project is a reflection of Precision’s innovative approach and breadth of expertise in Digital, Marketing, Data analysis, Logistics and Client Services. These attributes will continue to carry Precision forwards as they look to partner with new clients who seek creative strategies within a challenging and volatile economic environment. Driven by data, technology, vast healthcare knowledge and, most importantly, people, Precision is looking forward to a long future of connecting brands, consumers and channel partners. In the words of Ellie Hughes, Precision’s Director of Healthcare: “Don’t go it alone without having a discussion with Precision first!” Contact Details: Contact: Gary Howard Company: Precision Web Address: www.precision.co.uk

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