2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

96 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Sep20938 S Best Vascular Access Medical Device Company – UK Valiant Medical is a UK basedmedical device company with a key focus on the area of Vascular Access. Providingmarket leading solutions for both central venous catheter and AV fistula access, Valiant is committed to helping patients and healthcare professionals tomaintain vascular access patency whilst simultaneously reducing catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSI). With over a decade of experience in the industry, Valiant has become the UK’s leading company for managing and prevention of the complications associated with catheters. Situated in Birmingham, UK, Valiant Medical Ltd is a medical device company specialising in vascular access with a commitment to helping patients and healthcare professionals maintain vascular access patency, whilst simultaneously reducing catheter related blood stream infections (CRBSI). As the UK’s leading company in the management and prevention of complications associated with CVCs (Central Venous Catheters), Valiant’s products ensure that all catheters inserted into patients do not get blocked or infected, the results of which can lead to increased morbidity and mortality. In doing so, Valiant is able to adhere to the company mission, to ‘Maintain the Lifeline for Patients’. Comprising a team of experts in the areas and issues around catheter care and vascular access issues, Valiant is the only UK firm of specialists in this field. The firm has built strong relationships with the world’s leading research and development companies, international healthcare organisations and manufacturers of products in the areas of Renal, Oncology, Haematology and Urology. In addition, collaboration with stakeholders like healthcare professionals and patients offers Valiant unparalleled insights which, when combined with the organisation’s decade of industry experience, enables the team to stay on the cutting-edge of innovation and constantly be on the look out to identify and engage with developments and areas of potential early on. Valiant takes great pride in therefore being able to deliver effective products for patients who are extremely high risk, being able to present solutions to some of the most complex challenges faced within the healthcare industry. The catheter is often the patient’s lifeline and can flow directly from the heart, meaning that any issues can be catastrophic, even fatal. Thanks to Valiant’s research, these adversities are becoming easy to avoid. For example, Valiant has recently launched the Exit-Pro range, developed to protect the exit site of catheters against infections that may be developing on the skin. This is particularly useful for patients in the current climate when infection is a very real concern. Whilst Valiant is yet to reveal their new cutting-edge innovations that will hail the next generation of products for catheter patients, the team is also looking at launching new products which will help to make CVCs a closed loop system. Although these types of systems already exist, Valiant is currently exploring the possibilities of new technology which will ensure that no pathogens are able to infiltrate the catheter. In addition, Valiant is researching ways in which catheters can be protected when patients are immersed in water, whether they be swimming or even taking a shower. At the moment, patients with catheters find themselves very limited when it comes to dealing with water and it is unfair that they are unable to enjoy even the smallest luxuries of taking a shower to stay clean and fresh in recovery. Through this new technology, Valiant will be bettering the quality of lives for people with catheters even further. Covid-19 has unsurprisingly had an impact on Valiant’s work over the last few months, particularly as the team concentrates on minimising the risk of infection for vulnerable patients. However, the limitations caused by lockdowns have meant that it is more difficult to access key stakeholders within hospitals to present the new innovations that will play a pivotal role in safeguarding high-risk patients during the pandemic. However, whilst the team works hard on getting infection prevention and management solutions into hospitals, they are doing all that they can to ensure the comfort of high-risk patients elsewhere. Valiant has been instrumental in helping hospitals throughout the country to establish care bundles, ensuring that the specialist needs of this group are met and kept high on the national agenda. In this way, Valiant is able to stay true to its mission to maintain the lifeline for patients. Contact Details: Contact: Nasar Hussain Company: Valiant Medical Ltd Web Address: www.valiantmedical.co.uk

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