2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 97 , Sep20091 Best Aesthetic Dental Equipment Supplier - Texas Established in 2003 by globally respected cosmetic dentist and lecturer in Santa Clara, CA, Dr Jenny Shen, BEYOND International Inc is a global leader in aesthetic dentistry, committed to delivering effective teethwhitening services safely and comfortably. Based inHouston, Texas, BEYOND provides its unparalleled whitening systems to dentists across Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Africa, as well as to their own local communities within Texas. We dug a little deeper to find out more about BEYOND’s incredible rise to global success in less than two decades. Since its inception in 2003, BEYOND International Inc has been responsible for more than 2,500,000 optimized smiles and 248,000 satisfied dentists, thanks to its work in more than 27,000 locations across 133 countries worldwide. It is unsurprising, therefore that BEYOND International is now the premier whitening system provider in the global aesthetic dental community, dominating markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa. Dr Jenny Shen, a leading cosmetic dentist and lecturer in Santa Clara, CA, began BEYOND Dental and Health in order to deliver safe and effective teeth whitening to patients from the local communities of Houston, Texas to the rest of the world. Regardless of the condition of a patient’s teeth, BEYOND is able to offer a treatment plan suited to them, whether it be a take-home kit or at the dentist’s office, which will guarantee a whiter smile. The success of BEYOND was clear from its rapid growth across global markets, and their chairside professional teeth whitening systems were soon being used by more than 40,000 dentists worldwide. In 2015, BEYOND became BEYOND International, to reflect the growing diversity and globalization of the organization. ‘International’ does only represent the client diversity, as BEYOND is represented in more than a hundred countries worldwide, but also the internal culture of the firm’s headquarters in Fort Bend County, one of the US’s most diverse counties. Fundamentally, BEYOND is committed to making its teeth whitening treatments as comfortable and efficient as possible, designed to keep prep requirements minimal for dental assistants and hygienists. This results in the saving of valuable chair time for the dentists and allows greater return on investments. Through extensive research and the funding of numerous double-blind studies over the years, BEYOND has been able to verify the efficacy and safety of their treatments, with the obligatory patents. This research has also facilitated the discovery of the most effective whitening treatments for patients and dentists alike. For instance, when researching the market back in the 2000s, the BEYOND team found that a halogen light source would give the maximum light acceleration to whitening gel, but this light source was too strong typically for exposure to the oral cavity. Significant time and effort were invested to channel multiple methods of filtration, even involving extensive fiber optic that would reduce heat and block UV. For the dentist, this meant that there was no longer any need to protect the oral cavity from the strength of the light, whilst simultaneously retaining the benefits from strong results of the light source. This innovative, forward-thinking approach is enhanced by collaboration with thought leaders and general dentists from around the world to create revolutionary whitening treatments that are efficient, effective and safe. Their Polus Advanced Ultra and BEYOND II Ultra Whitening Accelerators, which feature ultrasound emitters that enable the device to shorten treatment time and provide the same great results clients expect, is just one of the results that are testament to BEYOND’s continual efforts in striving for success. Further evidence can be seen in passive ionizers which come standard in both accelerators. Emitting negative ions when active, such science has been shown to deactivate bacteria and viruses from the surrounding air. In this time of pandemic, it is good to know that BEYOND accelerators are a complement to measures taken by dental staff to promote a safe environment. Efforts into research have taken on even greater intensity throughout the last few months, as business activity has been slowed due to Covid-19. By keeping up constant communication with partners across the world, BEYOND will be ready to hit the ground running with new lines of products once the world returns to a new sense of normality. In addition, BEYOND will finally be able to have their ‘housewarming party’ for the facilities that they recently had built to their unique specifications in 2019, that was put on hold due to the pandemic. BEYOND is looking forward to offering a local CE course in support of the local dental community, whilst continuing to assist the local, national and international dental communities with the results of their hard work and research that they are currently fine tuning, whilst waiting for the market to reopen. When it does, BEYOND will be ready to once more take center stage of the global aesthetic dentistry industry. Contact Details: Contact: Samuel Brooks Company: BEYOND International Inc. Web Address: beyonddent.com

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