2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

98 GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards , Aug20572 A Best Food Supplement Contract Manufacturing Company - Europe CeeBe is a company that is focused on developing and producing food supplements andmedical devices in a GMP-certified production facility that is based in Germany. Though that be a wide area that CeeBe can cover, the firm’s core focus is on the production of effervescent tablets. To find out more about the products that the firmmanufactures for its clients, we take a closer look and discover the world of food supplement contract manufacturing. Partnering together with pharmaceutical wholesalers, CeeBe produces their private label products as a food supplement contract manufacturing company that operates out of the heart of mainland Europe. Rather than focus on its own brand, CeeBe functions as a contact manufacturer that works to develop products according to the specific demand of its customers and the target country, always taking into consideration the local regulations. The goal for CeeBe is to be able to offer all clients a complete portfolio for their supplement range, whilst also introducing new and innovative product ideas regularly and according to the current market trends. In order to achieve this, the firm is constantly working together with its research and development teams in the product development, and is searching the market for new and unique ingredients that it can use in its products. Innovations can be specific ingredients, newly-branded raw materials, special flavours, or different ingredient combinations, but there is innovation aplenty here at CeeBe. CeeBe takes great pride in offering its customers the full one-stop-shop experience, ensuring that they can rely on CeeBe from the first product idea right up until the shipping. Every customer interactions begins with an in-depth discussion around the customer’s specific product request, and advice on the feasibility of the product itself. This is followed by further discussion around what ingredient combination and form the product would take before agreeing to start development, after which the customer is sent regular samples so that they can see and taste the product. Once the client is happy with the product result and the price, packaging possibilities are discussed and CeeBe aids in drafting some packaging solutions. After these steps have been completed, CeeBe then checks the regulations of the product and, if the country regulations require it, prepares the registration documents. Then, at long last, the firm can produce and package the product, before determining with the customer whether they would like the product to be delivered or picked up. The regulations and specific demands differ greatly from country to country. It is therefore not possible to have a fixed range and offer for all clients. CeeBe takes great pride in its ability to adjust quickly and be flexible in terms of development, registration, and production. What also makes the firm unique is its production is the effervescent tablets that it has focused on in recent times. Most recently, the firm has been working on producing a Collagen effervescent tablet, a Turmeric effervescent tablet, and an Elderberry effervescent tablet. Though CeeBe may have perfected the art of its service and offerings, the firm is constantly investing and innovating in new product ideas, and is willing to try new products and developments. CeeBe stays in close contact with its great network of raw material suppliers to always be aware of the newest developments that are happening on the market. Every member of the team brings something different to the table, be it years of experience within the industry, or an outstanding level of product knowledge that is hard to beat. Looking to the future, the long- term plan is to move into new markets, extending the business that is currently based in the Middle East and then moving into the US markets at some point further down the line. A key part of that lies in a project that has recently been completed. The team at CeeBe have recently moved into a brand new 500 sqm office space, and this investment has paved the way for the firm to grow its development and sales departments further. With these increased opportunities, there also comes the opportunity for the firm to become a more popular and recognised name across Europe and beyond. Ultimately, the firm is truly special in its provision and delivery of these outstanding effervescent tablets, and we here at GHP hope that the success continues for a very long time indeed. Contact Details: Company: CeeBe Health & Nutrition Contact: Claudia Boehner Website: https://ceebe.be/ Email: [email protected]

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