2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GHP / 2020 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 99 , Aug20566 Consultant Ophthalmologist of the Year 2020 (East Midlands): Mr Amar Alwitry Working in the medical field has undoubtedly come with its fair share of challenges in 2020, of that there can be no doubt. However, there has still been outstanding work that has not revolved around COVID-19. Take, for example, the work of Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Amar Alwitry. His service has continued to deliver success after success for his patients, and his medical knowledge continues to better the lives of those he works with. Find out more as we profile his work this year. Mr Alwitry’s journey towards medical excellence first began with his successful graduation from Nottingham Medical School, before undertaking general surgical training rotation and obtaining membership of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, before over to Ophthalmology. His training was undertaken in the Midlands, where he has since stayed and settled as one of the region’s leading ophthalmologist. Alongside his current role as ophthalmologist, Mr Alwitry is also Medical Director of the Midlands Medics, and is a member of the East Midlands Clinical Senate, as well as having been the Clinical Lead for Ophthalmology for the Alliance Surgical, the UK’s largest independent healthcare provider. Outside of his medical application, Mr Alwitry has published two medical texts, and edited a third. He has also published more than thirty five articles in medical literature and also published two novels which are widely available. As if that weren’t enough, Mr Alwitry also has a Master’s degree in Medical Law, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Yet, for all of his hard-earned success, Mr Alwitry really prides himself on the high standard of care that he provides to every patient, regardless of what may ail them. He remains humbled by the trust that his patients place in him, and he seeks to reward that trust on a daily basis with compassion, honesty, and a dedication to being the best surgeon he can possibly be. This genuine care is what makes Mr Alwitry such a worthy winner in this years’ awards. His sense of humour and excellent bedside manner puts his patients at ease through what could potentially be a stressful operation. Mr Alwitry is highly experienced, carrying out more than 1800 cataract and lens exchange operations a year, whilst maintaining complication rates that are well below the national average. Patients can rest assured that they are in the safest possible hands with Mr Alwitry. Understandably, the UK is currently experiencing a time that has placed enormous stress and strain on the NHS and its limited resources. More and more patients are turning to the private sector for care. Whenever faced with a patient requesting private care, Mr Alwitry is always open and honest about the fact that they could always turn to the NHS for their treatment. He simply wants what is best for them, and his selflessness has gone a long way in contributing to his success. Without a doubt, the offerings in the private sector are significantly more varied than those available on the NHS. Mr Alwitry makes sure that every patient he operates on gets the same high calibre care. Mr Alwitry is kind and compassionate, above all else. He is an outstanding ophthalmologist, and a truly knowledgeable and fantastic medical professional. Yet, it is his empathy, his desire to communicate, to care, and to go the extra mile that makes him worthy of this award. He always does his absolute best, tirelessly repaying the faith that his patients place in him on a daily basis. Mr Alwitry is the kind of medical professional that embodies what it means to care, and he is fully deserving of this latest recognition. Contact Details: Contact: Mr Amar Alwitry Website: https://amaralwitry.com/ Email: [email protected] 0115 7722058

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