Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 13 Best Long-Lasting Dental Therapy Product: BioMin F toothpastes obtained CE certification as medical devices validating the claims for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity. “The CE mark accreditation is recognised not only within Europe,” says certification consultant Paul Rowden, “but has massive credibility worldwide, as other countries know how much the process involves.” Edmund Proffitt, Chief Executive Officer of the British Dental Industry Association, agrees wholeheartedly. “Registering BioMin F as a medical device puts it in a completely different league from other toothpastes,” he states. “By going through the certification process, BioMin is able to make claims that are independently scrutinised and justified by a Notified Body. In simple terms, it allows BioMin to make much more robust claims than other toothpastes.” Recently, BioMin F toothpaste has also gained the wider international recognition having achieved FDA 510K approval in the United States, as well as approval from the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). BioMin F toothpaste, marketed as BioMin Restore Plus in the USA, is the first fluoride containing bioglass toothpaste to be approved by the FDA, something which even the dental giants have failed to accomplish. “In a nutshell, BioMin F toothpaste has high level, independent, international stamps of approval, as well as a growing body of evidence from clinicians and patients alike that it fulfils its claims,” Judith enthuses. “It really is more a therapy than just a standard toothpaste.” With the Covid-19 pandemic presenting difficulties during 2020, BioMin actually bucked the market trend of decreased sales which most companies in the healthcare sector experienced. This period has been one of the busiest times it has encountered in its history! Besides the challenges posed by both the pandemic and Brexit disruption, the firm and its distributors thrived and saw more customers than ever looking to improve their oral hygiene at home through online purchases. “With dental centres, clinics and surgeries all shutting down for all but emergency procedures, it was estimated that well over 20 million dental appointments were missed in the UK alone, meaning that there has never been a time when home based oral hygiene has been more important,” Judith says. “BioMin serves both as a preventative product and also a proven therapy for several key dental conditions which has meant that many consumers researched searched online and switched to BioMin. We have gained many loyal users who are now advocates of BioMin toothpastes.” Recently, BioMin was awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Long-Lasting Dental Therapy Product in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 for its innovative and pioneering technology incorporated in BioMin F toothpaste. The award reflects the dedication to excellence that BioMin Technologies shown throughout its relatively short life as a provider of oral health solutions. Contact: Judith Beare Company: BioMin Technologies Limited Web Address: