Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 15 , Jul21306 kdmCommunications Ltd is a specialist scientific marketing agency that provides creativity and support to scientific and technological companies who need an extra boost. We speak to Media andMarketing Executive Jake Stevens-Hoare fromkdm to find out more about what it does and how it is making a huge difference across life science andmedical companies. Best Life Science & Medical B2B Marketing Agency - UK kdm Communications Ltd is a UK based, full-service marketing agency that specialises in supporting companies to communicate with their audience. It has expertise in strategic planning, creative design, scientific video production, technical writing, and digital marketing as a one-stop shop for all. Supporting those in the scientific, technical, and medical world, kdm is committed to the work that it does with each of its clients. Marketing Executive Jake Stevens-Hoare shares, “At the heart of kdm are the people we work with. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive, technically sound, and reliable service.” With a kick-off meeting for all new clients, kdm begins to truly understand the needs of those it works with so that it can create something incredible for them. This initial meeting helps kdm to understand the business objectives, target markets and the benefits around the intention. It then draws up a plan for the service that is required. As kdm focuses on what each client needs, it is important for them to get to understand what scientific marketing services they each need. So, with its initial meeting, kdm is able to translate its clients’ goals into a reality. Completely focused on personal growth as well as company growth, kdm puts emphasis on the many aspects of teamwork that drives a company forward. Jake tells us, “I think we would all agree that we are motivated to work towards the common goal of providing a top-level service for our clients. This motivated unity means we are committed to keeping up to date with all relevant information and news in the industry to provide our clients with the premium service we pride ourselves on.” As the internal culture of the firm is teamwork as well as hard work, Jake says, “To us, the most successful aspect of kdm is our workforce and how well we come together. kdm’s growth is a result of teamwork, shared values, and shared goals.” Its mission and goals are to give the best help on the market to a wide variety of customers who all specialise in the scientific world. As all of kdm’s Account Directors are in house and qualified CIM marketeers and PhD scientists, it has a grasp on the most important and revolutionary ideas on the market, making for a flawless experience for each of its clients. kdm has now won Best Life Science & Medical B2B Marketing Agency – UK for its excellent services and will continue to help businesses to flourish for a stable yet exciting future. Contact: Jake Stevens-Hoare Company: kdmCommunications Ltd Web Address: https://www.kdm -