Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2021

16 GHP / Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021 , Jul21313 Finding an on-site nursing care provider is an intricate and important process that requires only the best in the industry. Articulate Nursing has nowwon Best On-Site Nursing Care Provider 2021 - Eastern Ontario. Here we take a look at what it does to change people’s lives on a daily basis in the comfort of their own homes. Best On-Site Nursing Care Provider 2021 - Eastern Ontario Articulate Nursing is a premier on-site care provider that was set up to put elderly people first. Its work includes personal care and emotional support, going above and beyond traditional care to deliver a touch of luxury to those who need it most. Founder of Articulate, Cheri Petch, says that it was formed in memory of her father passing away over seven years ago. It has been Articulate’s mission, as well as Cheri’s mission, to primarily focus on providing the best care for elderly people. Cheri believes that sometimes we forget how elderly people once had others look up to them for support, education, and direction. She understands how important it is for elderly people to be treated as the individuals that they are, with respect and care for their own thoughts, emotions, wishes, and physical requirements. Cheri grew up with a hair stylist background, as she owned around four salons in her time. But since the passing of her father, she wanted to incorporate what she loves into the care industry. This is something that could be mirrored by a lot more companies as it adds huge value to services in the form of greater human connection. Articulate doesn’t just provide the basics of home care. It makes more of an effort to really indulge people and give them a taste of luxury with its hair care and foot care. Not only does it offer a great standard of personal care, but it also provides a service that leaves people feeling renewed and pampered. COVID-19 has seen a huge increase in on-site care needs due to families not being able to get to their elderly relatives. Due to various lockdowns and restrictions, Articulate has been more in demand throughout the pandemic. Because of this influx of demand, Articulate has now been able to expand its offices and branch out further. This means that it will be able to help even more people with more staff and by covering larger ground. Indeed, its mission and goals all align so that it may provide the best at home health care for elderly people all across Eastern Ontario. Operating in two cities, Kitchener Waterloo and Belleville, Articulate is planning on expanding as much as possible in the future, with plans on moving into Toronto, Peterborough, and Kingston Ontario. There are also possibilities of becoming a franchise so that it may reach even further afield. For beautiful bespoke care full of heart, Articulate Nursing is providing something for everyone in need of an extra pair of hands. Contact: Cheri Petch Company: Articulate Nursing Web Address: